This Model X owner has made a statement and how!

Pickup truck owners protesting against EVs by lining up their beasts in front of superchargers to prevent EV owners from using them was one of the most bizarre things we heard in 2018. The so-called ‘ICE-ing’ did not frost-off completely, and it actually became a ‘thing.’ However, one Tesla Model X owner decided to show pickup truck owners that the Tesla X is no underdog by towing a Chevy truck out of a station. David versus Goliath? Well, kind of.

Don’t Take The Tesla Model X Too Lightly

ICE-ing can get very annoying and leave EV owners stranded when they stop at a Supercharging station to top-up their batteries.

A YouTube channel called Tesla Trip decided to make a statement by showing that a Tesla Model X has enough strength to fend off a Chevrolet Silverado out of a Supercharging station.

Now, how you could put the towing rope in a real-world scenario without getting beaten up by the bullies is a different question altogether. Just to be clear, if it wasn’t already, this was a test and not an actual incident. The Chevy Silverado is owned by a family member and the test was done without harming the vehicles, or the owners alike.

De-ICEing Is The Answer

Tesla Owner Has a Simple Solution for Truck Owners That Like to Block Superchargers
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In the video, the Model X seems to tow the Silverado quite effortlessly which should be no surprise to Tesla fans as the Model X has proved it’s towing prowess on many occasions before.

There is this general notion amongst the uninitiated folks that EVs are not your macho, big-bodied vehicles and should not be used for stuff like towing and off-roading.

The Model X has proven its might before when the Boring Company used a Model X to tow a claimed 250,000 pounds worth of rail cars out of one of its tunnels. Another example is the Rivian R1T that has a maximum towing capacity of 11,000 pounds, which is higher than many established ICE trucks.

Our Take

Tesla Owner Has a Simple Solution for Truck Owners That Like to Block Superchargers
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‘ICE-ing’ was not as a big a deal as it is today. A few incidents were reported where it was usually only a car or two blocking the stalls at the stations. But ‘ICE-ing’ picked up heat and, in the past few months, Tesla owners have reported pickup trucks blocking charging stalls in huge numbers and even going as far to harass the EV drivers.

The trend went so viral that several states have enacted legislation that will make it illegal for internal combustion engine cars and trucks to park in spots designated for EV charging.

These situations can leave Tesla owners and EV owners in a pickle as there is no clear solution or steps to have the trucks removed. We are not sure how long this could go on, but a concrete solution needs to be implemented at the earliest for Tesla owners to drive around and charge their cars peacefully.

Do you think this war between the gas-powered truck owners and the care-for-the-earth car owners will end anytime soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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