A sales director for Tesla was giving a demonstration of the roadster and inadvertently gave a demo of the safety systems as well. It seems the unnamed (likely former) employee took a turn at around 100 mph and lost control of the electric car. Judging by the pictures, the accident happened somewhere in Europe, and reports indicated that wet roads and poor visibility contributed to the accident. Upon impact, the passenger was ejected through the side window, but both the driver and he survived the serious accident.

Teslas seem to be relatively safe for consumer use. Of the three known Tesla crashes (including this one), two have been at the hands of Tesla employees.


Source: wreckedexotics

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pdaix  (431) posted on 11.4.2008

I bet this piece of junk still worth a good 30k on ebay smiley I wonder how much the battery pack alone costs !

pdaix  (47) posted on 11.4.2008

Brutal...glad to hear everyone survived. Shame about the car, though.

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