Proof that electric power is better than gas?

Tesla’s Model S and Model Y have already proven that electric vehicles can top gasoline cars in terms of performance, but is the Cybertruck better than the iconic Ford F-150? Yes it is! Tesla’s presentation video of the new electric truck shows the Cybertruck winning a tug-of-war rumble against the Ford F-150 with ease.

Update 7-25-2019: Elon Musk has posted a much better video of the Tesla Cybertruck playing tug of war with the Ford F-150. Check out the new video in the new section below!

New Video of the Tesla Cybertruck Playing Tug of War With the Ford F-150

The F-150 is no match for the alien-looking Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck will be a capable pickup. The company’s estimates for the truck’s payload start from 7,500 pounds for the base, single-motor version. However, this figure increases to 10,000 pounds for the dual-motor model. Not impressed? Well, the range-topping tri-motor Cybertruck will be able to tow an amazing 14,000 pounds. That’s 800 pounds more than the most capable Ford F-150 out there, the one equipped with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine.

To further demonstrate the capability of the Cybertruck, Musk played a short tug-of-war video against and F-150. And the electric truck makes it look like child’s play by pulling the accelerating F-150 in the opposite direction with ease. Impressively enough, the Cybertruck did it uphill too.


The big mystery here is that Tesla didn’t say what F-150 model it used for this comparison. The truck is definitely not a Raptor, so it’s safe to assume it’s the next most powerful model, fitted with the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6. This twin-turbo model generates 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque and it’s the most capable with a towing rating of 13,200 pounds. Mighty impressive! Assuming that Tesla didn’t use the base F-150 model, that is!

Check out the full reveal video below:

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