A leaked photo leaves little to the imagination

Tesla has always been pretty good at keeping secrets and never has that been more evident than with the upcoming Model 3’s interior. So far, we’ve haven’t gotten a good look at it, and Tesla has quite literally prohibited any photoshoots of the interior. But, there’s a new leaked image circling the internet, and it exposes one of Tesla’s best kept secrets and tells us just how minimalist the Tesla Model 3 will really be. And by minimalist, I mean the cabin is actually pretty darn boring.

The shot that has been circling the internet was taken through the front passenger window and shows us that there are no switches, buttons, or anything of that nature. Outside of the large glass panel in the roof, the only piece of visible technology is the large tablet-like display that is floating in front of the dash. There is a pair of cupholders and a small storage area in the center console, but otherwise, the interior is pretty bare. Apparently, most everything will be controlled via the touchscreen display, and that large slit that runs the width of the dash? Yeah, that’s an air vent for the HVAC system. Of course, there’s also no instrument cluster because chances are Tesla will opt for an advanced HUD.

As far as public opinion goes, some love it while others hate it. Some claim the interior just looks way to cheap, while others said the interior is perfect and exactly what a $35,000 Tesla needs. Part of the reason Tesla has prohibited pictures is because it didn’t want to set a standard early on, as the interior would be changed a bit compared to all of the prototypes shown thus far. So, that leaves one big question: Is this the finalized interior or is there still more change coming? Only time will tell.

Why it Matters

Looking at this leaked image, I have to say that I like the minimalist approach. Controlling just about everything by touchscreen is great in my book. But, I’m not very excited about the overall look of the cabin. What’s with all of the sharp points and flatness everywhere? Why even have a full-length center console if there’s nothing other than a couple of square plates there? Even the dash is just flat and uneventful as are the door trim panels. I would like to see more interesting design inside before this thing actually goes into production. Aside from the large glass panel in the roof and the massive display floating in front of the dash, the interior looks cheap and boring. Surely, Tesla will come up with a way to make the interior paneling a little more interesting, or at least I hope so anyway. But, what do you think? Yay or nay? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Source: Electrek

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