Electric cars should be available just as normal gasoline cars are offered and Telsa Motors intends to open 5 dealership for consumers to go check out their automobiles and strike deals. This is great news for the company and addedly for consumers interested in the vehicles- only issue is with the limited production number of electric vehicles, and the limited dealers- there wont be many too for people to see.

There will be dealership located in:

New York
San Francisco
N. California
S. California
Florida (undisclosed locale)

Ultimately, the Tesla move to dealerships is a cricitacal step to the acknowledgement and the brand and a movement towards electric automobiles. The electric coupe and sedan are very good for the environment but in the future they must be developed more to to offer a beter miles to the gallon - the Tesla Roadster gets a "total of 225 miles" till it needs a recharge which can take "5 or more hours." Additionally you have to pay for this great technology, just as you would with the latest technological gadget on the market- the Roadster goes for ovTer 90 k and the newly developed sedan will be more affordable at 42k.
I’ll take my roadster in black please.

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  (5) posted on 03.26.2007

dude..you spelt Tesla wrong....Tesla is a very famous Italian Physicist...so it’s Tesla and not Telsa...

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