From the company that has provided us no shortage of ambitious promises comes another one

Very few details have been revealed of Tesla’s planned electric semi truck, but Tesla CEO Elon Musk sure isn’t wasting any time dropping some intriguing bits and pieces about the vehicle. Musk’s latest revelation, or at least the closest thing to one, came recently during an appearance in Vancouver where he was promoting his new "The Boring Company." While his time there was mostly spent describing his plans for building underground transportation, Musk also took some time to shed a few slivers of light about the Tesla electric semi truck, revealing, among other things, the truck’s ability to be driven like a sports car.

It does seem like the man behind the Model S and Model X has yet to lose his ability to throw out a few hyperboles. Other details about the semi truck that he revealed, including the promise of the truck “out torquing any diesel semi,” were no less significant, maybe even a little more important in shaping the performance and handling characteristics of the truck. But for the said EV semi to “drive around like a sports car?” Now that’s something that’s worth keeping an eye on considering what Musk’s comments have been worth all these years. Hopefully, more details about the EV semi truck are revealed beyond vague promises and teaser photos, but we’ll need more information before validating if it can, in fact, drive around like a sports car.

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Is Tesla biting off more than it can chew?

I know from years of following Tesla that the company and its CEO are prone to make statements that stir up whatever pot they’re trying to brew. It happened when Musk promised a sedan that could outpace today’s supercars and it happened. The same is true when he promised to use solar energy for mainstream purposes. To his credit, he lived up to both those promises and to be fair about it, him saying that his new EV semi truck venture will perform like a sports car isn’t as high in the list of outlandish comments he’s made in the past. I mean, is it really that hard to believe that a semi truck, even with its size and girth relative to cars, can perform like a sports car?

For one, it should have the power to do so irrespective of the weight it’s going to carry on. Plus, Tesla has proven that its EV motors are capable of impressive performance numbers so that’s something that we can at least look forward to when it comes to this truck. Now as far as performing like sports cars in the most literal of ways, that’s something that we’re going to hold off on making any judgments on for now. It seems crazy to think of a semi truck effortlessly drifting on a track or posting a competitive lap time around the Nürburgring, but considering what Tesla has proven time and time again in the past, Musk saying that the EV semi truck can drive around like a sports car may sound ridiculous on the surface, but ultimately not so when all is said and done.

We’ll know more about all of these promises in September when the EV semi truck is scheduled to make its full reveal. For now, let these comments and this teaser image of the vehicle fuel our imaginations. I’m pretty sure ours will be running on overdrive after hearing about what Musk had to say about his EV project.

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