• Tesla Should Definitely Build a Halo-Inspired Cybertruck Warthog

We’d be to-the-moon excited if this ends up happening

Don’t look now, but a collaboration between Halo and Tesla could be more than just a pipe dream. The potential partnership received a shot in the arm after Microsoft Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to respond to Tesla big boss Elon Musk admitting that Halo is the only console game he’s ever played.

This is a very exciting partnership, if it does happen.

Microsoft looks like it’s open to the idea and Musk is known for being an ardent fan of video games.

Not only does he, on occasion, reveal when he’s playing a new title, but he’s also outfitted Tesla models with all sorts of playable video games throughout the years, most recently confirming that the new “Plaid” Model S can play an assortment of games, including Cuphead, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Cyberpunk 2077.

“Sure feels like a Tesla x Halo collar needs to happen at some point!?” Greenberg tweeted in response to Musk’s tweet about playing Halo. Musk has yet to respond to Greenberg’s thinly-veiled offer, but a partnership between the two companies opens up all sorts of interesting possibilities, not the least of which is a real-life mash-up between the Tesla Cybertruck and the Warthog.

Musk hasn’t responded to Greenberg’s not-so-subtle offer, but it’d be awesome to see him sign off on it. Did any of you think you’d see the day that a Warthog-inspired Cybertruck would be a real thing? Such a vehicle could appear in the new Halo game that’s rumored to be in development. Even better, Tesla could offer a special edition Cybertruck with plenty of Warthog influences thrown in, including the option of having an M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun (LAAG) installed on the roof of the all-electric Tesla truck.

Ok, maybe the LAAG might be going a little too far, but it’s hard not to get excited about what could come out of this partnership.

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