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You could argue that the original automobile was invented to get around the hassle of dealing with horses and all the difficulties associated with using a giant mammal to get from A to B. Sure, that’s a gross simplification, and there were certainly other factors at play, but convenience undoubtedly played a major role all the same. Now, with the advent of autonomous drive systems, our lives are about to get a whole lot easier, as evidenced by this Tesla owner’s novel use of the Summon feature.

So When Can I Send My Car On A Grocery Run?

This latest comes to us from a recent Twitter post from user @rarelyserious, who displayed his Tesla’s Summon feature in a bid to escape a parking ticket.

You see, the city where @rarelyserious works (Janeville, Wisconsin) is enforcing two-hour time limits on certain parking spots. Sounds like a hassle if you’re trying to get things done at the office.

Luckily, @rarelyserious’s Tesla can move itself upwards of 39 feet with the included Summon feature, which means all the owner has to do is look out the window and tell the EV to move into an adjacent parking spot.


Now how about getting the sedan to go fetch some donuts and coffee?

The ploy garnered so much Internet attention, Elon Musk responded with “Cool haha,” followed by a teaser for an upcoming software update that would allow Tesla models to “be able to drive around a parking lot, find an empty spot, read signs to confirm it’s valid & park.” The update should be available “by next year.”

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