• Tesla to embark on two-week LA-to-Detroit roadtrip

Tesla’s attendance at the Detroit Auto Show has been finalized and the California-based electric car maker will go to Detroit the old fashioned way: road trip. Beginning on December 17, 16 Tesla employees will start their road trip from Los Angeles and will go on a city-by-city tour en route to Detroit and Detroit Auto Show in the first week of January.

Tesla to embark on two-week LA-to-Detroit roadtrip
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The decision to travel to Detroit by land was prompted by the company’s desire to espouse the message that Tesla is more than just a rich environmentalist’s pet car. “We are out to porve the Roadster is tough and durable, and that range for anxiety is for the week,” Tesla’s announcement

As we’ve mentioned, their trip from LA to Detroit will be marked by a number of pit stops along the way, mainly because the cars need to be recharged every so often but also because it affords the brand to expand their reach to other parts of the country. A number of cities have already been listed on the company website as to when the Tesla caravan will stop by their areas so if any of you are looking for a first-hand look at the electric sports car, check out their site to see if they’ll be dropping your city in the coming weeks.


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  (780) posted on 01.10.2010

It seems like Tesla wants to raise their popularity coz’ they’re struggling on the market and for this durability test (if they will reach their goal), it will create a major noise on the automobile world just because of this Roadster. Maybe I will just watch it online where I think it will be a stream broadcasting.

  (779) posted on 12.15.2009

That seems to catch my interest on this car because I’m an environmentalist also and as for the sports car like this one, reassure that I will come to the nearest pitstop to see this car in flesh. Definitely a "must" to see.

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