Check the dates on Tesla’s dedicated site as the automaker might be headed to a city near you

Tesla has put together a program that will take it on a cross-country road trip of sorts in an effort to drive up new customers for its lineup of models. The campaign is called Tesla Explores and as the name suggests, it involves the company going on the road in a Model X to various cities in the U.S. with a custom Airstream trailer that’s been changed into what it describes as the first-ever Tesla mobile Design Studios, complete with showroom tools and product specialists.

Since Tesla’s direct-to-consumer sales model is barred in some states, the American automaker is turning the tables and is actually going to certain locations to not only gain more exposure in these places, but to meet with prospective customers who may have had no other way to order the Model S or Model X from the company.

A visit to the campaign’s dedicated website reveals a few stops that have already been finalized, including visits in Manhattan and Saratoga Springs, New York from September 16 to 18 and from September 23 to 30, respectively. In the same month, another group will head to Santa Barbara, California from September 9 to 18. Other confirmed destinations include Venice, California from October 7 to 16 and Princeton, New Jersey from October 14 to 30. A visit to Chicago has also been set for September, although no specific dates have been mentioned. In October, the Tesla mobile Design Studios are expected to visit Boston, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle while visits in November are being planned for Atlanta and Tampa.

More cities are expected to be announced in the coming weeks as Tesla finally makes a push towards introducing its models straight to the customers.

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Why it matters

Given how aggressive Tesla is in ramping up its sales volume, a move like this comes as no surprise considering some of the red tape it has to navigate around with states that have banned it from using its sales model to get to its customers. That’s a likely reason why Tesla is doing this, or it might just be executives of the company felt compelled to personally reach out to these customers as a way of introducing its models to them.

That’s also a possibility in the wake of all the negative publicity being attached to the company’s Autopilot system. Personally, I think it’s a good idea to go on this road trip because the company can directly talk to prospective buyers who are still on the fence about buying a Tesla. Having a Model X in tow also allows the product specialists to give a personal demonstration of the crossover and all of its notable features, particularly the Autopilot system.

So yes, let’s hope that the Tesla Explores campaign is successful for all parties concerned. I definitely wouldn’t mind heading to wherever Tesla is, provided it’s in the vicinity of where I’m from. At the very least, it wouldn’t hurt to listen to the company’s specialists wax poetic about the Model S and Model X.

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