These days, the push towards electric car production has not been limited to just big time auto manufacturers; even the small-scale brands have taken their turns in creating their own electric vehicles, proving that the electric car could very well be the future of the industry.

Take Tesla, for instance. While it doesn’t have the same resources as other car brands out there, the California-based electric carmaker has nevertheless made quite an impression in the industry as a foremost proponent of the electric car revolution. Though a relative newbie in the industry with a still questionable financial structure, Tesla has been able to produce some of the more popular electric cars out in the market today; so much so that it even secure a loan from the Department of Energy to help finance the building of a new plant to develop the Model S.

At least, that’s what the original plan was. As it turns out, the company is also using the funding it secured under the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program to develop a whole new fleet of electric cars, including a minivan, a CUV, and a utility van.

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According to Diarmuid O’Connell, Tesla’s VP of Business Development, the brand is trying to branch out to other line of vehicles so that it can offer more choices to a consumer base that is slowly warming up to the idea of owning an electric car.

While it’s still a little premature to announce that all roads lead to electric, at least as far as cars are concerned, the very idea of seeing an electric minivan out on the road could very well be a sign of things to come, not just for Tesla, but for the entire auto industry for that matter.

Source: Tesla

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