Tesla is confident in everything it does. Back in 2014, for instance, the company made a bold move to extend the warranty on the battery pack – an eight year, infinite mile warranty – to the powertrain as well. Now, a blog post by Elon Musk on July 17, 2015, indicates the company is working on making a powertrain that will last at least a million miles. Only time will tell if he will ever meet that goal, but working toward that goal has led Tesla to develop an advanced smart fuse. This so-called smart fuse has allowed Tesla to increase battery output by 200 amps. Channeling this extra amperage to the powertrain makes the Model S hit a 0 to 60 mph sprint in only 2.8 seconds.

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Why it matters

The Tesla S starts out at $52,500, which isn’t too bad in my opinion. Then again, I would spring for the P85D with the all-wheel drive, 90 kWH battery and the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade. It would raise the ticket price to around $105,000. I might consider something cheaper, like the 2015 BMW i3, but even with its optional range extender the best you get on a full charge is a mere 150 miles. Not to mention the Tesla S can haul five adults and two children when properly equipped. I look forward to seeing how Tesla competes with vehicles like the 2016 Honda FCV and the 2016 Toyota Mirai fuel-cell vehicles, which will both cover 300 miles before needing a 5-minute fill-up.

But our writer Richard Rowe was ahead of Elon on this one. Check the "Reliability" section in his article.

2015 Tesla Model S

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