Imagine buying a new electric car that is cheaper than a used model from a decade ago

Tesla has made huge strides in the electric car market. Prior to the Tesla Roadster, the general perception of electric cars is that they are slow, have low range, and are simply not feasible for daily use. That perception began to change thanks to the Tesla Roadster. Then we got the Model S, which really opened the eyes of anyone with $60,000 and the desire to own an electric vehicle that wasn’t a golf cart. And, now that the Tesla Model 3 has made its debut, the understanding of electric mobility has and increased dramatically. Someday, however, electric cars are going to get better and more affordable than we ever imagined.

Just last week, Elon Musk had a sit down with Ketil Solvik-Olsen, the Minister of Transport and Communications in Norway. During the conversation, the two talked about the new Model 3 and the future of Tesla vehicles, among other things. During the conversation, Musk admitted that the Model 3 was designed so that about “half of people” could afford it, but he said something even more interesting than that.

“And there will be future cars that are even more affordable, down the road.” Musk Continued, “With fourth generation and smaller cars, we’ll ultimately be in a position, where I think, almost everyone can afford the car.”

Throughout the rest of the conversation, the two discuss other points on differences between fossil-fueled cars and electric cars, and the economics involved, among other things. But, the fact that Tesla is looking to make electric cars even more affordable and feasible as daily drivers is huge. If you’re interested in viewing the whole conversation between Ketil Solbiv-Olsen and Elon Musk, click on the Videos tab to see the whole thing.

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Why it Matters

The thing about Tesla is that the brand doesn’t want to beat cars powered by fossil fuel through politics or an outright ban on them. Instead, Musk wants to compete directly with them. The Model 3 is clearly the first step in that plan, as the Model 3 will be rather affordable for a majority of people. You won’t exactly see them driven by those living in poverty or close to it, but from the look of things, it might be cheaper to buy a new Tesla than it is to buy a five-year-old diesel- or gasoline-powered vehicle today. One thing is for sure, if a $10,000 car can accommodate my needs without the need to fill up a gas tank, it’s going to be a pretty easy sale as long as it looks decent.

Tesla Model 3

2018 Tesla Model 3 High Resolution Exterior
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