• Tesla Will Finally Start Delivering the Model Y in February 2020

The company is running ahead of schedule and deliveries will reportedly begin soon

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The Model Y has become somehwat of a regular sight on the road around Tesla these days. This only meant one thing – the compact SUV is close to its launch. However, it looks like the Model Y is arriving to the party much earlier than expected. Tesla will reportedly start delivering the crossover, in Performance trim, in February 2020, and the other trims will follow soon.

Initially, Tesla was going to start delivering the Model Y in the fall of 2020, but that was later moved up to a summer launch. Now, it will be reaching us even sooner. It’s definitely good news for customers who have pre-ordered the Model Y, it seems.

We Are Less Than A Month Away From Model Y Deliveries Kicking Off

Tesla Will Finally Start Delivering the Model Y in February 2020
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The news comes courtesy a Reddit user who goes by the handle u/Quaf4. He said he got a call from an employee from Tesla Oakville in Ontario, Canada. His post read “Model Y customer deliveries confirmed for next month!! I just received a phone call from an employee at Tesla Oakville, ON who was calling to guide me through the upcoming delivery process for my Model Y. I asked when to expect delivery and he told me that the Performance variant will start deliveries next month, and that I could expect my LR AWD in March/April.” He further added that “Interesting to hear it officially from an employee, rather than pure speculation from media sources. NEXT MONTH.”

That Is Almost Six Months Ahead of Schedule

Tesla Will Finally Start Delivering the Model Y in February 2020
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As it turns out, the Performance version will be delivered first, in February, followed by the Long Range All Wheel Drive trim in March or April.

Tesla did the same thing with the Cybertruck, wherein it said the Tri-Motor truck will be delivered before the other trims. Back in 2017, the first deliveries of the Model 3 began less than a month after the California Air Resources Board (CARB) certificate was published. A couple of weeks back, the CARB certificate for the Model Y was also published. Furthermore, Tesla has also registered the crossover’s VINs with the NHTSA. Both these reports support the timeline given by the employee.

Will The Range Be Similar To The Model 3?

Tesla Will Finally Start Delivering the Model Y in February 2020
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The CARB certificate states that the Model Y’s Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS) is 441.91 miles. This Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-mandated test is conducted to see how much an electric vehicle can run on a single charge. However, it is nowhere close to real-world conditions. As a rule of thumb, the real word range is generally 70-percent of the UDDS score. Tesla has estimated a range of 280 miles for the Performance trim, but according to this calculation, it comes up to 309 miles. That is almost as much as the Model 3’s range.

2020 Tesla Model Y Performance
2020 Tesla Model Y Performance Standard Range Long Range RWD Long Range AWD Performance
0-60 mph 5.9 seconds 5.5 seconds 4.8 seconds 3.5 seconds
Range Per Charge 230 miles 300 miles 280 miles 280 miles
Top Speed 120 mph 130 mph 135 mph 150 mph

Musk Is Expecting The Model Y To Be The Company’s Best-Seller

Tesla Will Finally Start Delivering the Model Y in February 2020
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We’ve heard the news of Tesla storming ahead of all the deadlines, especially making records of sorts in China. The factory was built from scratch and was up and running in under a year. Musk was present at the delivery event there, and he officially launched the Model Y program as well.

He also announced that Tesla will build the Model Y in China. He said that "the Model Y will also have some advanced manufacturing technology that we will reveal in the future. I think it will be exciting to show the kind of manufacturing technology associated with the Model Y and it will be exciting to learn about these technologies.”

Although the Model 3 is leading the assault for Tesla, Musk believes that Model Y will eventually be the highest-selling product for the company.

Musk added that “ultimately Model Y will have more demand than probably all of the other Tesla cars combined. Model Y will also have advanced manufacturing technologies that we will reveal in the future.” Since China is the world’s largest automotive market, it made sense to start the Model Y’s production here. It also helps because Tesla may not be able to start its Gigafactory 4 in Berlin due to a lot of hurdles it’s facing currently.

Final Thoughts

Tesla Will Finally Start Delivering the Model Y in February 2020
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This news will surely make the soon-to-be-owners grin wide. The Performance version that is arriving first is the most expensive Model Y at $60,000. The Long Range All-Wheel Drive version will start at $47,000. Tesla will also add an All-Wheel Drive Dual Motor version for $51,000, whereas one can buy The Model Y’s base trim from $39,000.

The base trim was expected to the launched in 2021, but all trims will reportedly be available from September 2020 onwards. What are your thoughts on the Model Y and the sooner-than-expected launch dates? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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