Electric cars are usually the enemy of performance. They are usually glorified golf carts that are a toy for the rich and infirm to get around a sleepy resort town. Telsa has been the company that has done the most damage to that image. Its Lotus Elise based roadster is the only true sports car that requires to be plugged-in at night. But the company is looking to be much more than a one-trick electric pony. After we’ve already brought you its plans for a future sedan, Tesla is now looking to put together a third project for its lowest price yet, $30,000.

Tesla’s founder, Elon Musk is looking to partner with a major auto company to build this budget all-electric car. When asked why Tesla is focused on all-electric cars as opposed to the gas-electric hybrids that the major manufactures are producing, Musk said, "(gas-electric) need both a gasoline-powered engine and a big battery, neither can be very good, and the engine will be a weak engine. It’s just not where the future lies. We’ll be able to offer a car (all-electric) with a 305-mile range roughly three years from now."

He’s got a green mind and a performance mind — nothing wrong with that!


Source: NewsWeek

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  (33) posted on 07.25.2008

I"M IN!!!! I’m not sure whether it’s OPEC, oil speculators, oil companies, or heads of governments that are responsible for high gas (petrol) prices but I don’t like any of them! The sooner Tesla makes good on this one, the better. How about a small SUV, guys. I love my xb.

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