After driving the standard Taurus yesterday, Top Speed finally got a chance to get behind the wheel of the almighty SHO and it was a pleasant surprise , and we’d love to tell you about it, but we can’t, not until June 23rd. However, we can tell you a little bit more about the 3.5 Liter Eco Boost engine that it has under the hood. This is Ford’s next generation engine with plans for the six cylinder that has the benefits of a V8 while getting the efficiency of a smaller motor.

This is the first twin turbocharged direct injected V6 in North America, making 102 additional horse power over the base car’s Duratec motor of the same size. Direct injection is a beautiful thing, initially developed for endurance racers, this method of fuel delivery allows for the most controlled combustion possible, injecting exact amounts directly into the combustion chamber. These systems have the benefit of getting better gas mileage and making more power at the same time compared to traditional multi port fuel injection.

The 2010 Ford Taurus SHO also features a beefed up transmission to handle the 12 psi of boost from both snails to make a ground pounding 350 lb-ft of torque from the next generation internal combustion engine. Ford is so dedicated to this engine design, that the last American automotive manufacturer left standing plans on introducing Eco Boost into 90% of their future product lineup. If you are partial to an inline setup, and hesitant to go with a V6 there is good news, because Ford is also working on a 4 cylinder version of Eco Boost.

Continued after the jump with video of Ford Advanced Engine Design and Development Manager Brett Hinds talking about the new Eco Boost in the 2010 SHO.


The SHO that we drove came in at around $45 large, a considerable step up from the base model of Ford’s new flagship, but the factory tuned version is worth it, coming nicely equipped with a set of 20 inch Luster Nickel aluminum wheels wrapped in the no compromises summer rubber. We’d love to tell you about how it handled on the nicest North Carolina stretch of mountain road we have ever driven, or how ominously coincidental it was that the rain came in just in time to test the hot rod Ford’s all wheel drive system on the wet winding roads of Smokey Mountains as well as the Sirius Satellite weather map, but not for another five days.

By the way if you ever find yourself in Asheville, we highly recommend that you find where US-19 and SR-63 meet just outside of town then go north. After about 25 miles of straight country road, you will see what we mean, it was just past meadows town road where the route started to get fun. Turn left at SR-209 and keep enjoying life for about the next 10 miles before you turn around and do it in reverse.

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TJKEON  (138) posted on 06.18.2009

In short yes. The engineers will tell you about how one of the main differences is that the BMW has both turbos on one side, but that is just the nature of an inline motor. The German motor uses piezoelectric injectors while the Eco Boost has solenoid injectors. Aside from that they are both pretty similar in theory, except the V6 is made here in the USA, but yes Ford is boasting about having the 1st twin turbo DI V6 in North America.

TJKEON  (5) posted on 06.18.2009

The BMW 335 has a twin-turbo, DI, I-6. That is going on 3 model years now.

Are they referring to FORD having its first twin-turbo, DI, V6 in the states? Are they getting super technical and saying it is the first V6 (not I6), twin-turbo, DI in the states?

I am confused.

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