• Thanks to Electric Vehicles, Even Volkswagen Can Be A Major Performance Brand

The beauty of electric vehicles is, arguably, that harnessing pure performance is really easy

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In case you haven’t noticed, outside of a few entry-level cars like the Hyundai Kona EV and Chevy Bolt, for example, electric cars are pretty fast. And the cost to make even an entry-level EV fast isn’t all that high. EVs are opening the door for automakers to expand their performance lineups exponentially, and Volkswagen will be one of the first as the GTX badge be slapped onto an entire fleet of high-performance EVs. So, which model will we see next?

High Performance EVs Everywhere

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Volkswagen just revealed the ID.4 GTX – a sportier, faster, dual-motor high-performance electric crossover, and before we could even take a breath, VW hit us with a teaser of the ID.5 GTX – basically the ID.4 GTX but with a coupe-like rood and two doors. Here’s the entire reveal video in case you missed it:

So, where is Volkswagen going next? Well, there have been rumors that the company is plotting a ID.3 convertible but the more important rumor is that a hotter version of the compact ID.3 is in the stars. Now it looks like that rumor could be true as Volkswagen is considering an ID.3 GTX – a model that was once said to go by the name ID.3 R.

Taking things a step further, Volkswagen wants to turn the GTX moniker into an entire brand, which means that every single ID model could be offered in high-performance guise.

How’s that for a turn of events?

What to Expect From The ID.3 GTX

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As of now, the ID.3 GTX isn’t exactly set in stone, but now that we know VW wants to use the GTX badge liberally, and that an ID.5 GTX will be joining the ID.4 GTX, it only makes sense. In its current form, the ID.3 has a rear-mounted electric motor that’s good for a respectable 204 horsepower (150 kW) and 229 pound-feet of torque (310 Nm) – basically the same thing you get from the standard ID.4 with a rear-mounted motor. Now, the ID.4 GTX has a dual-motor setup, with an extra motor up front for AWD and more go-power, but the big question is whether or not the ID.3 will allow such a setup with its compact packaging. If it can, then it could offer nearly identical output to the ID.4 GTX, so around 295 horsepower and a sprint to 62 mph in probably a little less than 6.2 seconds.

Thanks to Electric Vehicles, Even Volkswagen Can Be A Major Performance Brand Exterior
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So, how do we know VW will take the plunge and take the compact ID.3 into hotter territory? Well, just look at how successful the company has been with the Golf GTi and Golf R. The world may be moving away from compact cars in a big way, but there’s still a lot of love for small performance cars, and VW would be pretty dumb for not trying to exploit that.

Source: Autoexpress

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