The truck will be launched a year after Ford unveils its first pure electric Mustang-inspired SUV

Ford recently released a video of its first electric truck prototype and its insane capability of being able to tow over one million pounds. The video garnered a lot of attention since it was a fitting reply to Tesla’s claim of towing 300,000 pounds on its electric truck. Thanks to this, Ford’s electrified F-150 may arrive sooner than expected. The truck is slated to be revealed in 2021 after the Blue Oval has finished launching the upcoming Mustang-inspired electric SUV. Good times ahead for Ford?

Ford Will Try To Keep The Interest Alive

According to Automotive News Canada, internal Ford metrics indicated that the interest in the idea of an electric pickup jumped to 18 percent among respondents. Prior to the video that Ford released, this figure was hovering around the 10 percent mark.

However, this is as per an internal survey and raised questions to its actual authenticity. Perhaps, it could be another marketing stunt? We’ll leave that to you, but things are not as easy as it seems even if Ford comes up with the product. The company said its studies show that 42 percent of Americans think electric vehicles need gasoline to run. It looks like a lot of awareness needs to be spread and the onus will be on Ford to do it if it doesn’t want to let Tesla or Rivian take the lead.

Until now, we knew that the automaker will be introducing a plug-in hybrid system to the 2021 F-150.

Ford is tight-lipped about which engine it will be paired to, or what the electric range will be like, or even the battery capacity.

Recently, a test mule was spotted with an independent rear suspension system as well. This is a big leap because all the F-150s to date have had a solid rear axle only. The benefit of an independent system will be better ride quality, but on the flip side, the towing and payload capacities will go down. This only indicates one thing - Ford is working towards making this truck a better family hauler as well. Thanks to the train stunt, the high-towing capacity responsibilities will be taken care of by the electric Ford F-150.

Ford Has Still Not Announced Any Details About The Electric Truck

Thanks to the Train Stunt, the Electric Ford F-150 May Arrive Sooner Than You Expected
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There is not much we know about the electric F-150, but this is a critical product for the company moving forward and could decide how its future will be shaped. Ford has been ruling the pickup truck segment for over four decades now is the most dominant figure here.

The automaker sold more than 1 million F-Series trucks globally in 2018, averaging a sale every 29.3 seconds.

Companies like GM and Ram have tried their best to trump the Blue Oval, but have failed miserably. However, it is unlikely that this kind of domination will happen in case of electric trucks.

Tesla has announced a sub-$50,000 truck, whereas Rivian has already made itself comfortable as an adventure and lifestyle-oriented performance truck producer. How can Ford trump them? For starters, the towing capacity proved to be a smart touch, and now the company needs to come up with more such trump cards. The basic ideas would include a high-on-technology, smart cabin to counter Tesla, loads of add-on accessories along with campers and similar equipments to take on Rivian, and the most obvious thing – a long-range truck with strong performance specs.

The Electric F-150 Will Be Ford’s Second EV

Thanks to the Train Stunt, the Electric Ford F-150 May Arrive Sooner Than You Expected
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Speaking of the company’s first electric offering, Ford has said that the vehicle will be a Mustang-inspired electric SUV. Details about the SUV could be announced at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show in November this year. Interestingly, the SUV was spotted in full camouflage uniform and looked more like the Ford Flex from the back; the rear windshield part, at least. In the front, the mule wore a bulging grille and LED headlights. However, none of these designs are expected to make it to production as nothing feels ‘Mustang’ about them. Also, the SUV is expected to be named Mach E. Does this ring a bell?

For the uninitiated folks, Ford used the moniker for the first time when it showcased the ‘Levacar Mach I’ concept in 1969.

Soon after, the company decided to use the badge as a performance-oriented package on the 1969 Mustang and called it the Ford Mustang Mach 1. In 2003, Ford revealed the Mach 1 package for the Edge as a high-performance package. This was part of the Blue Oval’s heritage program. And now, Ford has again decided to revive the badge to earmark its first successful (hopefully) long-range EV product.

Hopefully, Ford Will Cover Up For Being A Late Entrant To The EV Segment

Thanks to the Train Stunt, the Electric Ford F-150 May Arrive Sooner Than You Expected
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Well, it’s not entirely right to call Ford a late entrant. The company did attempt to offer an electric vehicle previously in the form of an electric Focus back in 2011. It came with a 23-kWh battery pack that delivered a range of 76 miles. In 2017, Ford offered a bigger 33.5-kWh battery pack that increased the range to 115 miles. However, the Focus EV never took off and could never go up against the likes of the Nissan Leaf or the Chevy Bolt.

However, Ford wasn’t as active or involved as the other automakers when it came to EVs. Even today, the company doesn’t have a pure electric vehicle and is instead focusing on reviving old monikers like the Bronco.

This has definitely helped Ford stay afloat for the time being, but the lack of focus on the EV segment let companies like Tesla and Rivian target Ford’s breadwinner, the F-Series pickup truck.

The Blue Oval is in the midst of developing a new-gen F-150 and the truck is likely to bring in a lot of changes. For starters, there will be a hybrid version on offer and the electric truck was supposed to follow suit. However, we can now expect the truck to be launched along with the 2021 F-150.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the Train Stunt, the Electric Ford F-150 May Arrive Sooner Than You Expected
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Nevertheless, the fact that the truck will be unveiled sooner than assumed will only make things easier for the company to deal with the hype its future rivals, Tesla and Rivian, are enjoying. Ford needed this to happen at the earliest because of the unsaid pressure Tesla and Rivian have been creating on Ford. The fact that the American startups have been in the limelight since they announced their intentions of entering the pickup market had put Ford under the gun. When Musk announced a 300,000-pound towing capacity on its electric pickup truck, it created a wave and that made Tesla’s truck even more ‘famous’. Until then, all we had seen from Ford was a couple of spy shots of its electric pickup truck’s mules in camouflage. Do you think Ford’s 42-year dominance will continue even in case of electric trucks? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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Thanks to the Train Stunt, the Electric Ford F-150 May Arrive Sooner Than You Expected
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Source: Automotive News Canada

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