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Thanks to Toyota, Lexus Could Have a New Baby Crossover In The works

A new, sub-$30,000 Lexus crossover could arrive in Europe, Japan, and Australia by 2023

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The Toyota Yaris Cross, basically a high-riding hatchback with crossover ambitions, is one of Toyota’s newest vehicles and the company’s only subcompact crossover. Now, it looks like Toyota is going to share that love with Lexus, however, this news might not be a big deal if you live in the United States. The Tiny Lexus will share market designations with the Yaris Cross, which is currently only available in Europe, Japan, and Australia. According to the report, the Lexus crossover will be powered by the same 1.5-liter, hybrid, three-cylinder that powers the Yaris Cross. In that model, it’s good for anywhere between 90 and 118 horsepower with the electric motor – either 3.9 kW or 59 kW – adding from 5.2 to 79 horsepower into the mix.

It’s not likely that Lexus will simply rebadge the Yaris Cross, so expect the typical Lexus front end, nice interior materials, and – perhaps – a small increase in power output, at least for the higher trim levels. For the record, it would slot below the Lexus UX, which means that the trademark filing for “LBX” and “Lexus LBX” could have been hinting at its name. That said, the LBX is largely considered to be a concept, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens with that. Another rumor claims the sub-UX crossover would be called the Lexus BX, it would arrive in 2023, and would sit somewhere below the $30,000 mark. That sounds a little more like it to us, but we’ll have to see what happens.

Source: Mag-X (Japanese)

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