• That Mid-Engined BMW 8 Series Isn’t Anything Special After All

All That Hype About a Mid-Engined BMW 8 Series Was Pointless

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Like every other automotive outlet on the sun, we too got those images of what appeared to be a mid-engined 8 Series doing some fine testing work with minimal amounts of camo. It had all the right elements for a mid-engined car; well, kind of. The intakes in the rear side glass were a little too small to feed a beefy inline-six or stout V-8, and the engine tone reportedly sounded like a six-cylinder, and there was no electric whine. The only real piece of evidence that this was a mid-engined mule was the fact that there was a blanket covering something in the back seat. Now, we know what was going on with the mule and, unfortunately, it’s not what anyone was hoping.

Say Hello to the 8 Series Mule That Gets Passed Around Like a Dirty Diaper

That Mid-Engined BMW 8 Series Isn't Anything Special After All Exterior Spyshots
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As much as you don’t want to hear this, that seemingly mid-engined 8 Series mule is actually just a test vehicle. This confirmation comes from German outlet Auto Motor Und Sport, who placed a quick call to none other than BMW.

BMW confirmed to the outlet that that mule is nothing more than a development test vehicle that various departments use to develop and test new technology and equipment.

This could be anything from new electronics to things like chassis and engine tuning or even a new infotainment system. Why it’s fitted like it is remains a complete mystery, but it certainly threw everyone off, didn’t it?

That Mid-Engined BMW 8 Series Isn't Anything Special After All Exterior Spyshots
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While it might be a shame that BMW isn’t testing some kind of mid-engined set up for a proper supercar, there is some good news to be had from all of this. The fact that BMW is hiding something in the rear and that there is some airflow going to the rear end tells us there’s something going on

. The mule may not have had the typical whine of electric components, but that’s not to say that BMW isn’t working on developing an airflow procedure for electric motor cooling.

Let’s be honest – if you have nothing to hide, you hide nothing. And, BMW is definitely hiding something here. It’s probably just going to be a well-kept secret for now. In the end, we’ll find out, but unfortunately, it won’t be the best-case scenario that we all hoped for.

Source: Auto Motor Und Sport

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