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That Moment Your Chevy C8 Corvette Is Too Fast For The Drag Strip

This C8 Corvette is a sub-10-second car, and hence, was kicked out of the race!

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The ultimate purpose of racing on a drag strip is to see how quick and fast your car is. The quicker the car, the better it is. But, did you know that being too fast could get you kicked out of the drag strip? Well, the world’s fastest Chevy C8 Corvette was booted from the LS Fest because it was too fast. There’s more than meets the eye, but at the onset, this is exactly what happened.

Is This Some Sort Of A Special C8 Corvette?

That Moment Your Chevy C8 Corvette Is Too Fast For The Drag Strip
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Watch the full video of the C8 Corvette at LS Fest in the article below

Yes, it is. The car in question here has gone through a lot of mods and rebuilds.

It belongs to YouTuber Emilia Hartford who has been on a mission to create a drag monster and make it the most powerful C8 Corvette.

Her C8 is capable of handling up to 1,200 horses and had set a record earlier this year wherein it finished a quarter-mile race in just 9.41 seconds with a trap speed of 144.94 mph. Although the car is street legal, it doesn’t comply with the track rules.

Why Was It Not Allowed To Race?

That Moment Your Chevy C8 Corvette Is Too Fast For The Drag Strip
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The LS Fest follows NHRA safety and speed regulations, which dictates sub-10-second vehicles to have enhanced safety features on them

The LS Fest basically doesn’t allow sub-10-second quarter-mile cars owing to the NHRA Safety and Speed regulations. According to this, every sub-10-second car needs to have next-level safety features to keep the driver and the onlookers safe. Stuff like fuel cell, roll cage, etc. is mandatory for sub-10-second cars according to the regulations.

In its only run, Emilia finished the quarter-mile race in 9.71 seconds with a trap speed of 144.83 mph. This, obviously, ticked off the track officials because the safety regulations were not met. You can actually see how pissed the guys were seeing the car clock a sub-10-second time.

That Moment Your Chevy C8 Corvette Is Too Fast For The Drag Strip
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The car currently holds the record for a 9.41-second quarter-mile time, but we could see it become even more agile and become a sub-nine-second car

The car, mind you, was slightly de-tuned as compared to the time it made the record-setting run earlier this year. The silver lining in this ordeal was that Emilia and her team will now look to improve it even further and look to get into the sub-nine-second barrier. Well, at least the engine didn’t suffer bent rodsthis time.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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