It’s got an 8.3Liter, 500 horsepower V10 Viper Engine that cranks out 525Lb-Ft of torque. Is it a muscle car? A hot rod? Nope. It’s a truck — the 2007 Dodge Ram SRT-10 — and according to Mark Perleberg, lead auto expert at, it’s a truck built with power and speed in mind. Perleberg recently test drove the SRT-10 and he weighs in on the truck’s performance and styling.

"The 2007 Dodge SRT-10 is wildly powerful," said Perleberg. "It’s incredibly quick off the line but yet civilized too — that is, when you’re not mashing your right foot to the floor. This truck is fast, powerful, stylish and, believe it or not, practical."
The Ram SRT-10, with its V10 Viper Engine linked to a six-speed manual transmission and Hurst shifter, registered a world-record top speed of over 154 MPH with a zero to sixty time in the low 5-second range. The truck is available in either regular or quad cab configuration and two-wheel-drive only.
"In addition to its power and speed, what I like most about this truck is its styling, with polished aluminum wheels, dual exhaust, power-adjustable aluminum racing-style pedals, and exterior aerodynamic appointments," said Perleberg. "In 2005, the Dodge Ram SRT-10 took top billing in the truck category of the Visitors’ Choice Award and we can see why, based on its overall race car-like handling and curb appeal."
Some additional features of the 2007 Dodge Ram SRT-10 include a 508-watt Infinity(R) sound system, push button starter, a four-wheel performance antilock braking system with brake assist and a six foot three inch truck bed.
Perleberg says the SRT’s base MSRP of $48,000 might be a bit pricey for some, but considering the truck’s appealing design features and power, it’s worth the investment in terms of resale value.
"A truck that’s this ’in-demand’, this cutting edge and this powerful — with broad appeal to all types of truck owners and enthusiasts — should maintain its resale value nicely," said Perleberg, "which is an added incentive to shoppers looking to make a solid truck buying investment."

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  (6023) posted on 11.23.2006

I think you need to contact Perleberg for an update. No Ram SRT-10 for 2007

  (6023) posted on 11.20.2006

Sloppy journalism. No fact checking. No credibility. There will be no 2007 Ram SRT-10!

  (6023) posted on 11.20.2006

2007????????? Dodge stopped making these trucks after 2006. Dodge didn’t even make a Viper Car for 2007.

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