• The 2008 Jaguar XK: $75,000 Dollars and it comes with an Electric Antenna!

The all-new Jaguar XK is an amazing looking vehicle, but did Jaguar forget something before they put this beauty into production? One of the first things you notice about the Jaguar XK is its sexy looks, which are reminiscent of its brother the Aston Martin DB9. Look a little bit closer at the rear end and you will notice something not so eye opening- its the electric radio mechanism in the rear (you know the one similar to your old Lincoln’s antenna that goes up and down when you turn the radio on/off.) How could Jaguar engineers forget to leave out something so important to the final look of the vehicle? This automobile is absolutely gorgeous, yet it still features an electric radio mechanism from the 90’s-, which makes the car look downright cheap. Shame on you Jaguar for ruining such a beautiful automobile. My final advice to Jaguar XK drivers is to shut the radio off when you are showing it off so that ugly electric antenna remains tucked away while my advice to Jaguar is to get rid of the electric antenna and offer something more modern for next years model. Source :Internal

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