I am already spending 10 hours per day in front of a windows logo but I have been enjoying my peaceful ride home each day without thinking that they also wanted a piece of that! A car heads up display patent under the name of Microsoft has been released today and they go in details about how they’re going to get into your car.

As stated in the patent it is "an adaptive user interface presented on a HUD within an automobile is described herein. The adaptive user interface is dynamically exposed and organized based on various metrics (e.g., inputs from the automobile, a user, mobile devices, and remote sources). The adaptive user interface allows users to access information in context without obscuring the driver’s view".

I am really curious how they will display so much data without killing more people than cell phones already do. Ok, you will not have to look down and your eyes will theoretically be looking straight at the road. The government has already complained that there are too many road casualties while our windshields are nice and transparent. What is Microsoft thinking?

I love the idea to have my entertainment center (as proposed in the patent) on my windshield when I am parked, but aside of that I want my windshield to stop bugs from getting into my car.

Source: US Patent office

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