At any point in the future where you see yourself in front of a 2013 Jaguar XE, you should know that it was well worth the wait.

Despite the fact that it’s still a few years from now, the new Jaguar compact sports car is poised to take the XE line to new and unprecedented heights. With a lightweight, 3.5-liter V6 engine that’s capable of churning out as much as 450 horsepower, Jaguar is wasting no time in preparing the world for the new two-plus seater 2013 XE.

Together with the new XK, Jaguar is set to release a canvas top roadster of the XE, which will then be followed by a coupe version, allowing for prospective buyers to choose what style of the XE they prefer.

As it stands, the company is expected to release 60,000 units of both the
2013 XE and the XK, an optimistic number for a company that struggled to make any kind of dent on car sales this year.

After struggling with sales for the better part of the 2009, Jaguar is pegging 2013 as a big year for them and releasing a preview of what’s in store for customers is a sign that the Tata-owned luxury brand is hell bent on returning to its rightful place on top of any car enthusiast’s wish list.

Judging from the way the car looks – and the rumored engine it’s
supposed to come in – the 2013 XE just may be the car Jaguar is looking for to jumpstart its fledgling brand.


Source: Autoinfection

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  (1333) posted on 01.10.2010

That’s fine for a sports car and tard it’s a Jaguar so they’ll need a lot of time to workout the assembly of this car and retailers will be throwing away big bucks on this one. For the car performance, above average that have 450 horsepower that you can compare it to a GT-R.

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