• The 2019 Audi A1 Looks Good on Paper, but How Good is it in the Real World?

Could it finally compete with the MINI?

Audi is hot on the trail of the MINI Cooper with its all-new A1 supermini, a radical design departure over the outgoing model, which is a bit unusual. The manufacturer usually very conservatively evolves its models from one generation to the next, but the new A1 is quite revolutionary compared to its predecessor. With that in mind, how does the new A1 fare in the hands of those who have driven it?

2019 Audi A1 Driven Reviews

Gone is the cute but forgettable styling, which has been replaced by a more mature and more aggressive look. It also feels bigger inside, and its design is very reminiscent of what you see in the larger and more expensive Audis. Adding icing to the cake is the fact that the materials aren’t bad for the class either - it’s really a significant visual enhancement over the previous model.

Driving dynamics are improved too - remember, this needs to challenge the MINI with its renowned go-kart-like handling (although with the recent facelift it seems BMW no longer uses that phrase in its official blurbs or in the car’s menus). The new A1 steers with precision, has good body control, and is generally more fun to drive than the outgoing model.

Technology levels are also higher, and aside from all the usual safety stuff, you can even get the new A1 with a full digital gauge cluster, which is quite rare in its segment and completely transforms the look of the interior. Overall, the car looks quite different but is only slightly better to drive compared to before and as of yet no exciting hot variants have been revealed - it is believed an S1 may be shown in 2019 with a 250 horsepower 2.0-liter turbo engine and all-wheel drive, making it the most powerful in its (hot hatch) class.

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