Its six-speed manual will happily solider on, too

Chevrolet is preparing a mid-cycle refresh for its sixth-generation Camaro for 2019, but there appears to be confusion regarding its transmission options. In January 2018, a California Air Resource Board document was discovered by Auto Guide showing the presence of M6, M7, and SA8 transmission codes available for the upcoming Camaro. That indicated both a six-speed and seven-speed manual transmission as being offered, along with the familiar eight-speed automatic.

However, Chevrolet apparently rescinded the document in recent days and filed new paperwork that dropped the M7 code and added the SA10 designation.

That means Chevy is apparently foregoing the seven-speed manual for its new 10-speed automatic already used in the Camaro ZL1. That means a few things: One, this concerns only the Camaro SS, V-6, and turbo-four; two, that the six-speed manual will remain as the only manual gearbox option; and three, that Chevy is dropping the idea of the seven-speed manual for Camaro use.

Of course, we already had our doubts about the seven-speed working with the Camaro. See, Chevy’s seven-speed manual is exclusively used in the C7 Corvette Stingray – a vehicle that uses a torque tube and a rear-mounted transaxle. That means the Corvette’s transmission doesn’t bolt to the engine, but rather sits nearly between the rear tires and connects to the rear differential. Corvette does this for improved weight distribution. The Camaro, on the other hand, uses a more traditional driveline configuration with the gearbox mounted to the engine block. Reconfiguring the M7 for Camaro duty would involve extra engineering hours.

The 10-speed automatic, however, is already used on the Camaro and would easily work with the Camaro SS’ naturally aspirated 6.2-liter LT1 V-8, along with the 3.6-liter V-6 and 2.0-liter turbo-four, as well.

So, while there was a glimmer of possibility for the Corvette’s seven-speed manual transmission in the 2019 Camaro, that hope is now gone. Its replacement, though, is far better. The 10-speed auto is a far smoother transmission than the eight-speed currently used in the Camaro. Combine that with the current six-speed manual that comes standard, and the 2019 Camaro will have two solid transmission choices that everyone should be happy with.


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