We get a good look at the exterior and the overhauled interior

Leave it to Mercedes to get a jump on teasing the all-new Mercedes-Benz B-Class days ahead of its unveiling at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. The German automaker released a teaser video of the model, revealing a good amount of its exterior and interior designs. Major upgrades are in store for the next-generation B-Class as Mercedes works hard in shedding the model’s “ugly duckling” label.

The new B-Class | Teaser

The new B-Class. World premiere at Paris Motor Show 2018. #ParisMotorShow #MondialAuto

Posted by Mercedes-Benz on Sunday, September 30, 2018

To be clear, the new teaser video reveals details about the new B-Class that we’ve already seen from the multitude of spy photos and videos that we’ve seen in recent months. Still, it’s a different feeling when Mercedes gets rid of the camouflage and gives us a good look at its new MPV.

The exterior of the new B-Class is arguably its most important upgrade.

There’s a sportiness to its profile that’s noticeably missing in the current model. Credit to Mercedes, too, for embracing a more flowing design on the B-Class. At the very least, the new-look MPV does justice to Mercedes’ claim of putting more emphasis on the “sport”s part of Sports Tourer. There are elements in the model’s design that justify that claim.

Establishing the improvements made to the exterior of the B-Class doesn’t mean that we’re ready to elevate the MPV to “must-buy” status. But it’s a good start. Fortunately, the interior of the B-Class keeps the momentum going. It’s not the most sophisticated-looking cabin in the entire Mercedes lineup, but for what it is as an entry-level model, the B-Class’ interior makes a good account of itself. The most prominent change is the presence of Mercedes’ next-generation MBUX infotainment system, which we first saw in the new A-Class. The two large touchscreen displays give the interior a more upscale and tech-savvy feel to it.

The 2019 Mercedes B-Class is Pulling into Paris for Tonights Debut but Here's a Teaser to Hold You Over
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Since the B-Class is still a Mercedes, there’s a generous amount of leather covering the MPV’s interior space. Combine that with blue accent lighting, and you have a cabin that’s pretty inviting to the senses. There’s nothing in-your-face about it, which is good for a model like the B-Class that doesn’t really need to draw attention for itself to stand out.

One of the most aspects of the B-Class is interior space.

We know from the teaser video that the MPV will have three seats, including rear seats that be folded down flat to create extra room for cargo.

We’ll know soon enough if those seats are comfortable, just as we’ll know if there’s enough cargo room inside to compete against its rivals in the segment. From the outside looking in, we’re optimistic that Mercedes can build on having one of the most spacious cargo areas in the segment. The current B-Class has 17.2 cubic feet in cargo room. Fold down the rear seats, and the rear space swells to an impressive 54.6 cubic feet. It’s not quite enough to upend a rival model like the Ford C-Max, but if the next-gen B-Class has more cargo room available, that could turn into a different discussion altogether.

The 2019 Mercedes B-Class is Pulling into Paris for Tonights Debut but Here's a Teaser to Hold You Over
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Engine options aren’t expected to change at all, either. If anything, the new B-Class could be sold with the same selection of engines as the A-Class. That would include an entry-level 1.3-liter, turbocharged, gas engine, a 1.5-liter diesel unit, and the range-topping 2.0-liter gas engine.

Regardless of all the speculation, the new B-Class is all set to make its debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show. We’ll know all the juicy bits soon enough.

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