All 106 examples will be unique

We’ve already admired the new, high-speed McLaren Speedtail at recent auto shows, but owners are getting ready to customize their expensive supercars. Just like the P1, each Speedtail will be unique. To enable buyers to customize their vehicles even more, McLaren just launched three new design collections called Colours & Materials Inspiration Story.

Envisioned by the skilled folks at McLaren Special Operations, these themes add unique and expensive features inside and out. The three themes are called Urbane, Visionary, and Dynamic, and each of them are inspired by specific themes. Let’s have a closer look.


The 2020 McLaren Speedtail Becomes Even More Unique With Three Special Design Collections Exterior
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A collection of three themes, Urbane was created to offer "a discerning and refined feel" for a "sophisticated look with calm exterior hues plus subtle and cool interior tones."

Urbane includes the Stratosphere theme, which adds a gloss carbon-fiber finish in a bespoke brushed light blue anodized aluminum color that's supposed to reveal every curve of the exterior.

Highlights also include platinum and carbon inlays for the badges, a metallic light blue driver seat, light grey passenger seats, and navy blue upholstery with contrast stitching.


The 2020 McLaren Speedtail Becomes Even More Unique With Three Special Design Collections Interior
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This collection includes "striking shades" and "opulent touches," as well as an Astral theme inspired by Britain’s nautical heritage. It comes with a navy blue interior, nubuck passenger seats, and full aniline leather for the driver’s seat. It also has a bespoke Nebular quilt and digital print on the dashboard and door panels. On the outside, the Astral theme comes with a custom orange paint and silver pinstripe, the usual carbon-fiber look, and 18-carat gold badges.


The 2020 McLaren Speedtail Becomes Even More Unique With Three Special Design Collections Interior
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This collection was conceived specifically for customers that want a sportier look.

One of the three themes is called Bloodline and, as the name suggests, it features a custom red exterior.

This is combined with gloss-black wheels with light copper edges and silver brake calipers. Inside the cabin, there’s a driver seat wrapped in red full aniline leather and passenger seats in semi-aniline white hide.

Limited to 106 units

The 2020 McLaren Speedtail Becomes Even More Unique With Three Special Design Collections Exterior
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Just like the iconic F1, with which it shares the center-mounted driving seat, the McLaren Speedtail is limited to 106 units. All of them have been reserved ahead of the supercar’s public debut in 2018.

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Every Speedtail owner invited by McLaren to envision their car
Three inspiring collections suggested by McLaren designers for 250mph ‘Hyper-GT’
Almost limitless range of personalisation available to owners
Colour and material concepts designed to push the boundaries with use of new materials
First Speedtail deliveries due early 2020

The 106 deposit-holders for the forthcoming McLaren Speedtail have started their journey on the road to ownership of this century’s most coveted car yet with the receipt of Colours & Materials Inspiration Story: a portfolio of design ideas to help invigorate their creative minds. The three collections have been fashioned to help this exclusive club start to think about how they would each like their individual Speedtail to look ahead of first deliveries of the 403km/h (250mph) Hyper GT in early 2020.

Every aspect of the McLaren Speedtail is designed to push established boundaries and this extends to the look and feel of each individual car. Each hand-built Speedtail will be tailored to the customer’s exact requirements, but to help make this process less demanding, McLaren’s Colour and Material design team has curated an extensive and innovative range of design concepts, arranged into three key collections:

The first, Urbane, is a collection of three themes which have been created to offer a discerning and refined feel, giving the Speedtail a sophisticated look with calm exterior hues, plus subtle and cool interior tones. One theme is Stratosphere, which sees the Speedtail finished in gloss 1K full visual carbon fibre with the contour pack, which is designed to accentuate the exterior highlights of the car’s aerodynamic bodywork. It’s set off with bespoke brushed light blue anodised aluminium brightwork, ensuring that every shimmering curve of the exterior is revealed. The luxuriant detail extends to the badging, which is crafted in platinum with TPT carbon inlay, whilst the cool-hued cabin blends the metallic light blue driver seat with light grey passenger seats. Completing the look are bespoke navy painted edge with navy contrast stitch and bespoke brushed light blue anodised aluminium brightwork.

The second collection is appropriately named Visionary and offers a purposeful and unmistakeable look from moody, yet striking shades, to opulent and surprising touches. It includes the stunning Astral theme, inspired by the UK’s wealth of nautical heritage with an interior dominated by timeless navy blue, including nubuck bespoke navy passenger seats and full aniline leather bespoke navy driver’s seat, bespoke Nebular quilt and digital print on nubuck bespoke navy leather upper trim. This is juxtaposed with a vibrant, surprising exterior finished in bespoke orange with bespoke silver pinstripe, gloss 1K visual carbon fibre and white gold 18 carat with TPT inlay badging.

The third collection, Dynamic, is exciting and modern and makes bold statements with sporty, futuristic and sumptuous themes. It’s epitomised by the Bloodline theme, distinguished by an unhindered burst of bespoke red on the exterior, with gloss black diamond cut wheels featuring a bespoke light copper edge and silver brake calipers. Inside, the driver seat is contrasted in full aniline bespoke red, whilst passengers sit on lightweight semi aniline bespoke white seats. Accentuating the athletic theme, the steering wheel clasp, paddle shifters, window and door bezel surround are highlighted in TPT carbon quartz white.

Each one of the three collections offers Speedtail customers the opportunity to personalise their car to the smallest detail with the prediction that, like the McLaren P1™ before it, every model in the 106-car production run will be unique to its owner. All feature detail highlights such as body and interior panels finished in satin 1K or gloss 1K with interwoven gold visual carbon fibre or anodised aluminium, contouring and pinstriping to accentuate the elegant flow of the bodywork. Interior options include bespoke electro-chromatic glazing tints that remove the need for sun visors, nubuck and aniline leather, TPT carbon control surfaces and white gold 18 carat and TPT carbon badging.

The collections are just a small realisation of design opportunities presented by the Speedtail, and each owner will be allocated a Bespoke Liaison Manager to help bring their vision to life. This includes access to the services of McLaren Special Operations (MSO), helping to open up a range of colours and materials limited only by the owner’s imagination. Regardless of choice, each owner of McLaren’s Hyper-GT will take the helm at the centre of a three-seat interior, a layout that has previously only been used in the 106 McLaren F1 cars built between 1992 and 1998.

“The McLaren Speedtail is our most ambitious project to date and all were sold months before the car was even unveiled. This level of faith in McLaren products demands that we strive to even greater heights of detail and excellence. As a result of meticulous study of colours, forms and textures by our design team, finding inspiration in areas that are uncharted in automotive design, we believe that we will achieve this with the look and feel of each individual Speedtail. Whilst only 106 customer cars will be built, it is important that each one is unique, so this tailored collection is quite simply, like no other – as is the McLaren Speedtail itself.”
Jo Lewis, McLaren Automotive, Head of Colour and Material Design

With a 1050PS petrol-electric hybrid powertrain, the Speedtail will be the most powerful and fastest car created by McLaren, and the entire 106-car production run sold out before it was unveiled in October. Designed as a Hyper-GT with the highest top speed of any McLaren car, it’s distinguished by an elegant all-carbon fibre body upon which every detail has been fashioned to channel air in the most efficient manner possible.

The Speedtail ownership experience is set to be McLaren Automotive’s most exciting yet; the ordering process of every McLaren is designed to build the customer’s anticipation before delivery of the car, which is hand-built in the McLaren Production Centre, located in Woking, Surrey. This includes a tour of the facility including the McLaren Technology Centre, which houses many iconic Formula One cars as well as the famous F1 and P1TM road cars.

The specification process coincides with the first Speedtail attribute prototype, recently christened ‘Albert’, commencing a rigorous development and testing programme. As well as being proven for high-speed travel in supreme comfort, Albert and its prototype siblings will eventually be tested at speeds of up to 403km/h (250mph), via an astonishing acceleration time of 0-300km/h (0-186mph) in 12.8 seconds.

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