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We’re still chomping at the bit to learn more about the new 2020 Toyota Supra, but before it makes its big debut, we are now getting another fresh rumor to gnaw on. The latest is confirmation that Toyota could very well create a drop-top convertible iteration of the fifth-gen sports car.

Anyone Up For Some Unlimited Headroom?

The 2020 Toyota Supra Could Go Topless After All Exterior
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While yes, we certainly are big fans of the standard Supra’s double-bubble roof, we wouldn’t mind seeing it with the top chopped off either.

It just makes sense for a model like this, at least philosophically speaking. Luckily, it isn’t looking it’ll be too much of a stretch for Toyota either. For starters, the fifth-gen Supra shares its platform with the BMW Z4 roadster, so the bones to make it a reality are already there.

Unsurprisingly, it looks like Toyota’s boffins are way ahead of us and already thinking about the possibilities. In a recent press event in Australia, chief engineer Tetsuya Tada confirmed as much to our friends at

“Of course we consider this,” Tada-San said with regards to the possibility of building a Supra convertible.

The 2020 Toyota Supra Could Go Topless After All Exterior
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While offering few details, it's encouraging to hear that Toyota is indeed taking the idea seriously.

That said, there’s still a long way to go before we see a convertible Supra in your local Toyota dealer.

For starters, the coupe model has to, you know, actually make its debut. After that, Toyota will likely look at sales numbers and customer feedback, and if both look solid enough to green-light a topless variant, then it’ll start weighing the costs of actually creating it. In reality, we’re still years away from a convertible Supra, if it happens at all.

However, as points out, although the Toyota 86 Convertible concept that debuted in 2013 never came to fruition, a convertible new-gen Supra is far more likely when you consider the cost savings gained thanks to co-development alongside the BMW Z4 roadster. A lot of the engineering needed to transform the Supra coupe into a fun-to-drive convertible is already there, and that’s a good sign of things to come.

2019 BMW Z4
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This naturally leads to another possibility - that of a coupe version of the Z4

Apparently, there’s nothing in the joint agreement between BMW and Toyota that disallows such creations, so we could be seeing even more performance machines heading down the pipe. And plus one for that.

Do you want a convertible Supra? What about a fixed-roof Z4? Let us know in the comments section below.

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