It combines a 1.5-liter three-cylinder with an electric motor

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Unveiled in 2017 as a slightly smaller and sportier alternative to the X1, the X2 was well received and sold more than 120,000 units in its first two years on the market. Come 2020, and BMW is introducing the first hybrid drivetrain for the subcompact SUV. The new trim is called the xDrive25e and combines the 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine in the base model with an electric motor. Launched in Europe for now, the hybrid should join the sDrive28i and the M35i models in the United States soon. Let’s see what it has to offer.

The BMW X2 hybrid looks is mostly identical to its siblings inside and out

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You won't be able to tell the hybrid model apart from the gas or diesel X2 versions because it doesn't really feature any special features on the outside.

The SUV debuted with a new front bumper design that doesn’t include foglamps, but this change applies to all X2 models for the 2020 model year onward. Just like the regular X2, it comes standard with LED headlamps, 17-inch alloy wheels, and a long list of design options. It can also be ordered in a new deep and metallic shade of blue called Phytonic Blue. The hybrid model’s suspension is 0.4 inches lower for improved aerodynamics.

The 2021 BMW X2 Goes Hybrid With 35 Miles of EV Range, But There Is a Trade-Off Interior
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Inside you’ll find the same interior that’s based on the X1. Look for standard features like two-zone climate control and auxiliary air conditioning, as well as premium materials and smooth surfaces. The Control Display will feature hybrid-specific readouts so you can check out the state of the battery, electric range, and total hybrid range.

The BMW X2 hybrid comes with a slightly smaller trunk

The 2021 BMW X2 Goes Hybrid With 35 Miles of EV Range, But There Is a Trade-Off Exterior
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Due to the battery fitted under the rear seats, the hybrid model features a slightly smaller trunk than the regular version.

This is normal for hybrid variants of gas and diesel vehicles. Specifically, the X2 xDrive25e can swallow up to 410 liters (14.48 cubic feet) of luggage behind the rear seats, a 60-liter (2.1-cubic-foot) decrease versus the standard model. With the rear seats folded flat, capacity increases to 1,290 liters (45.56 cubic feet). That’s a 65-liter (2.3-cubic-foot) decrease compared to other X2 models in the lineup.

The BMW X2 hybrid is powerful and boasts decent EV range

The 2021 BMW X2 Goes Hybrid With 35 Miles of EV Range, But There Is a Trade-Off Drivetrain
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The xDrive25e drivetrain combines the turbocharged, 1.5-liter, three-cylinder gasoline engine in the base sDrive18i trim with an electric motor.

BMW didn’t say how powerful the three-banger is, but we know it generates 138 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque in the entry-level X2. The electric motor is officially rated at 95 horsepower. With both components in use, the hybrid drivetrain generates a total of 217 horsepower and 284 pound-feet of torque.

The 2021 BMW X2 Goes Hybrid With 35 Miles of EV Range, But There Is a Trade-Off Drivetrain
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The horsepower rating places the hybrid right below the sDrive28i, which comes with 228 horsepower from a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, but the electrified X2 boasts higher torque at 284 versus 258 pound-feet. The hybrid crossover needs 6.8 seconds to hit 62 mph from a standing start. That’s 0.3 seconds slower than the sDrive28i, but 0.6 seconds quicker than the sDrive20i. Top speed is limited to 121 mph, which is similar to its gasoline and diesel siblings.

The lithium-ion battery feeding the electric motor has a capacity of 10-kWh. This is enough to provide a range of 57 km of range in the European WLTP cycle. This converts to around 35.5 miles, but we will have to wait for the official EPA number to know how much it will run on electric power only in the United States. Still, 35 miles is a decent number for a hybrid crossover.

How much will the BMW X2 hybrid cost?

The 2021 BMW X2 Goes Hybrid With 35 Miles of EV Range, But There Is a Trade-Off Exterior
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Pricing information is not yet available, but it’s safe to say that the xDrive25e hybrid will cost a bit more than the xDrive28i version in the United States. Pricing will probably sit between the xDrive28i and M35i models, which retail from $38,400 and $46,450, respectively. That said, expect it to cost at least $41,000 before options.

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