• The 2021 Ford Bronco as a Street Rod? Chip Foose Thought of It

Honestly, this is not a bad idea at all

Ford’s plans with the Bronco involve selling a lot of aftermarket bits and bobs on top of the actual cars. This is a move inspired by what Jeep has been doing with Mopar and going further, it is possible that some customers might decide to tune their Broncos to ever greater extents. For those, Chip Foose has an interesting design proposal.

The 2021 Ford Bronco as a Street Rod? Chip Foose Thought of It
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The Bronco “Foose” Edition does not exist in real life. For now, it lives as a drawing on a sheet of paper in the form of a street rod. What’s more, any similarities between Foose’s design and the real Bronco are gone, apart from the wheelbase and fenders, which are kept unchanged.

Without starting to describe the video frame by frame, it’s important to mention that those wanting a Bronco hot rod would have to first buy the car from Ford and then go to a specialized tuner because there’ no way in heaven that FoMoCo will ever build something based on Foose’s design.

The 2021 Ford Bronco as a Street Rod? Chip Foose Thought of It
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Not because it is bad, or whatever, but because the customer pool for such a creation would be ridiculously small. Therefore, the cost of adapting the SUV might not generate a financial reward for the carmaker.

Who knows, maybe Ford keeps Foose’s vision on the back burner and we are going to at least see a SEMA build based on it. That would be a nice fruition, don’t you think?

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