• The 2021 Ford Bronco Might Be Awesome, But It’s Also Delayed

The wait gets longer and longer

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The 2021 Ford Bronco had a great debut. The leaks before the launch gave away enough for speculations to bumble, but still maintained the surprise element. The hype generated by Ford’s PR was “built to last”, and when it finally debuted, it came with ample features to be touted as an extremely desirable proposition. The company rolled out the configurator, too, so people could spec their Broncos in time for the spring deliveries. But, it looks like the wait is going to get inevitably longer.

Ford announced that due to the pandemic, the Bronco’s launch is pushed from the spring to the summer of 2021.

Why is the Ford Bronco Delayed?

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Ford’s spokesperson said, “Deliveries will begin the summer rather than the spring. That’s being driven by COVID-related challenges some of our suppliers are experiencing.” The production and deliveries of the Bronco Sport, however, remains unaffected. While Ford has not pinpointed any particular part or supplier, a report from Detroit Free Press suggests that it has to do with the removable roof.

The publication noted that Joe McCabe, CEO of Pennysylvania-based AutoForecast Solutions, has said that the tops made outside the U.S. is the culprit. He said, "What’s holding up delivery is the tops. There are multiple facilities globally where they’re sourced. So, Ford was playing with the idea of delivering the Bronco without a top to the dealer. From the Ford perspective, the entire Bronco can be built without a top. You don’t necessarily have to change the production schedule."

The 2021 Ford Bronco Might Be Awesome, But It's Also Delayed Exterior Wallpaper quality High Resolution
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The delay of a few months doesn’t sound too bad, but for folks who’ve had their eyes on it ever since the news of the off-roader’s resurrection broke out and have booked their Broncos, this wait can be painful. Hopefully, there won’t be any more delay.

Source: Reuters

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