Radical’s new SR10 packs 425 horsepower and looks like a Le Mans prototype

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The 2021 Radical SR10 is an evolution of the already iconic open-top, track-day car series produced by Radical Sportscars. Fitted with a new engine and a new drivetrain package designed for both performance and durability, the SR10 is also one of the very few Radical models fitted with a turbocharger. Unlike many of its predecessors, the 2021 SR10 packs a Ford engine, a shift from the Suzuki mills used in the past. The engine tuned by delivers an impressive 425 horsepower.

The 2021 Radical SR10 is a racing prototype for the road

The 2021 Radical SR10 is a No-Nonsense Race Car for the Road Exterior
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Design-wise, the SR10 retains the looks of its SR-badged predecessor.

It's a no-nonsense, open top race car inspired by Le Mans prototypes.

It features the same V-shaped front hood and nose, flanked by tall front fenders with integrated headlamps. A big splitter extends a few good inches away from the body just under the nose.

Similarities to previous SR cars continue onto the sides through massive openings in the side skirts, the absence of a windscreen, and the big rollover cage behind the seats. An F1-style engine intake also pops up behind the cockpit, while a massive rear wing dominates the rear end. The rear fascia is again inspired by racing prototypes, combining a thin center fascia flanked by vents to the sides and a large diffuser below.

The 2021 Radical SR10’s interior is... radical

The 2021 Radical SR10 is a No-Nonsense Race Car for the Road Interior
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The Radical SR10 is a full-fledged race car inside the cabin.

If you’re looking for a sports car that offers comfort features, the SR10 is not for you, because all you will find here are a pair of race-spec seats with harnesses, a removable steering wheel, and a spartan dashboard with a few buttons and knobs. Basically all you need for a fun day at the races.

But the SR10 sports some new features compared to older Radical models, mostly borrowed from the SR3 XX. The new steering wheel features a multi-page LCD display, while the small center stack incorporates additional controls for better access to the car’s features. You can now select from multiple engine and gearbox mapping options and adjust the optional electronic power steering system. The latter is a first for the SR line.

The 2021 Radical SR10 packs an angry Ford engine

The 2021 Radical SR10 is a No-Nonsense Race Car for the Road Exterior
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Under the rear hood of the SR10 lurks a 2.3-liter inline-four engine. The mill comes from Ford, but it was heavily upgraded by Radical Performance Engines. It features a bespoke turbocharger by Garrett with better throttle response and reduced lag. Engine upgrades also include custom induction and management, as well as forged pistons and connecting rods, plus a dry-sump lubrication system.

How much power does it deliver?

The turbo-four is rated at 425 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque, which makes the SR10 one of the most powerful Radical models ever built.

It’s notably more potent than the familiar SR3, powered by a Suzuki motorcycle engine good for 225 horsepower, and it’s only five horses less powerful than the SR8, fitted with a V-8. And that’s a lot of oomph for a car that tips the scales at only 1,600 pounds.

The 2021 Radical SR10 is a No-Nonsense Race Car for the Road Exterior
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No word on how quick the SR10 will hit 60 mph, but it’s safe to assume that it will take less than three seconds. The SR8 hits the benchmark in 2.7 seconds and the SR10 could be just as quick.

The inline-four engine mates to a new six-speed Hewland gearbox derived from motorsport. Originally developed for the FIA F2 single-seater, the transaxle is being used for the very first time in a road-legal Radical model. Like any other Radical out there, the SR10 doesn’t have ABS, traction control, or braking assistance, so it’s as close to a race car as they get.

2021 Radical SR10 specifications
Engine 2.3-liter inline-four
Horsepower 425 HP
Torque 380 LB-FT
0 to 60 mph (est) 2.3 seconds
Weight 1,600 lbs

The 2021 Radical SR10 is somewhat affordable for a road-legal race car

The 2021 Radical SR10 is a No-Nonsense Race Car for the Road Exterior
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The Radical SR10 starts from £126,000, which converts to roughly $166,000. It’s not exactly affordable, but it’s significantly cheaper than a Ferrari F8 Tributo or McLaren 720S, two cars that the SR10 will obliterate on the race track.

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With a high horsepower, long-life powertrain, the new Radical SR10 is everything you’d expect from a Radical – turbocharged. Targeted at track-day enthusiasts, motorsport country club members, and racers across the globe, the SR10 delivers more power and torque than has ever before featured in Radical’s SR line-up, with a new engine and drivetrain package optimised for both performance and durability.

The new SR10 is designed to keep you on the track for longer, faster. Whether lapping casually at your local motorsport country club, or dicing with GT and LMP competition in an around-the-clock enduro, the SR10’s sole purpose is to out-run and out-manoeuvre the competition whilst remaining easy to drive and cost-effective to run.

Demand from Radical’s customers for a turbocharged variant of our legendary SR line of Sports Racers propelled the new model’s extensive test programme, which continued behind closed doors throughout the UK’s COVID-19 enforced lockdown. Given the SR platform’s longstanding reputation for providing electrifying performance through optimised aerodynamics and outstanding grip, the primary focus was on maximising both the new powertrain’s incredible performance as well as its durability, for easier operation and long service intervals.

The SR10 applies Radical Performance Engines (RPE) cutting-edge engine tuning capabilities with the proven durability of Ford’s EcoBoost engine architecture. This is no ordinary production unit; as Radical’s in-house powertrain division, RPE have developed a bespoke turbocharger, induction and engine management package to release over 425bhp and 380lb-ft of torque from the engine. A bespoke Garrett G-Series turbocharger delivers better throttle response and reduced lag, with forged pistons and connecting rods and a bespoke dry-sump lubrication system for bulletproof durability.

This high-output engine is integrated with a new Hewland GT3-derived six-speed gearbox. The SR10 is Radical’s first application of the Hewland TMT transaxle, originally developed for the FIA F2 single-seater.

This compact unit includes an integral paddleshift actuator and innovative WaveTrac ATB differential for maximum traction in all conditions, and is a perfect match for the high torque generated by the 2.3L High Output variant of the RPE-Ford inline four-cylinder engine.

As recently debuted on the SR3 XX, the driver’s environment features a new wheel-mounted LCD multi-page display and additional car controls at the driver’s fingertips. On the SR10 this includes multiple engine and gearbox mapping options and adjustable weighting for the optional electronic power steering system, also a first for the SR model line.

“With the SR10 we’ve truly achieved our objective of creating a car with the visceral performance of our SR8 but in a longer life, more durable package, packed with the latest Radical data and electronics capabilities,” said Joe Anwyll, CEO of Radical Sportscars. “We’ve brought together the best powertrain technology from RPE, Ford, and Hewland to create a package with over 425bhp and 380lb-ft of torque, making the car both incredibly responsive and easier to drive.

“The SR10 expands on the class-leading architecture of the SR model line and gives SR3 and SR8 owners alike a great next level of Radical performance - wherever they use the car.”

The new Radical SR10 is available to order now with the first deliveries scheduled from October 2020. Indeed, with Radical having teased the SR10 to some of its most loyal owners, several deposits have already been taken for the first cars out of Radical’s Peterborough, UK production facility. Closely following the launch of the latest SR3 XX iteration in May, production at Radical has bounced back quickly post-Coronavirus lockdown. An intensive calendar of factory and dealer-supported track and race events into 2021 ensure Radical owners can enjoy their new cars to the maximum.

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