Such bold designs will be a hit in India

The Indian market has been craving the Jimny for a very long time. Despite holding a 50-percent market share with Maruti in India, Suzuki has shied away from offering the car to one of the fastest-growing automotive markets today. Instead, the company sells an off-roader called Gypsy which is essentially a rebadged Jimny/Samurai from the 80s. This, too, is built only on special orders for the Indian Army and cannot be purchased by civilians.

Rumors of the Jimny making its debut in India has been doing rounds for a very long time, but now it looks like there is some information on it. The 2021 Jimny is expected to be launched with the ‘Gypsy’ badge and could have a Mini-Hummer look. The motive behind this is to match its direct competitor – the Mahindra Thar – in terms of shape and size. But, can you fathom an XL-sized Jimny?

The Hummer-Esque Rendered Gypsy Looks Sweet

The 2021 Suzuki Jimny (Maruti Gypsy) Could Be a Mini Hummer
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The Hummer look on the rebadged Jimny will certainly turn a lot of heads in India. Hummer is known for its intimidating, butch looks, and any vehicle resembling it automatically has a certain zing to it. IndianAuto has created some renderings that give you an idea of how a five-door Jimny would look. The renderings seem to have taken inspiration from the Hummer H3 in the shape and design department. Such an ‘impersonation’ will be accepted well, considering that loud and bold vehicles sell better than minimalistic designs in India.

Earlier this year, Maruti-Suzuki showed off the three-door Jimny Sierra at the Auto Expo 2020.

Although the three-door Jimny is ruled out, the automaker could come up with a five-door model for the Indian market exclusively.

There are a few digital renderings out there that show how the Jimny – no wait, Gypsy – could look like. Earlier scoops suggested that the company is working on a soft-top trim along with the hardtop as well.

Will The Jimny/Gypsy Find Buyers In India?

The 2021 Suzuki Jimny (Maruti Gypsy) Could Be a Mini Hummer Exterior
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The Jimny is not an inexpensive vehicle, so it is natural to assume that it will be priced at a premium.

However, being a price-sensitive market, the company will need to price it wisely. When you talk about global models, there needs to be a certain price correlation when one product is sold in different markets. So, pricing it in the sub $15,000 bracket for the Indian market will not play well for Jimny from a global point-of-view (it is sold in 194 countries). Perhaps, that is the reason why Suzuki is sticking with the Gypsy moniker in India.

When discontinued from the mainstream market, the Gypsy used to cost anywhere between $7,000 to $10,000. This made it a value-for-money proposition. It also gives Maruti-Suzuki a way to price it conservatively without tarnishing its international reputation. And, from a customer’s point-of-view the Gypsy moniker should be an indication that it will be priced wisely. To keep the costs in check, Suzuki could offer a two-wheel-drive trim as well. It would also be tempted to launch a short wheelbase version that would measure less than 157 inches and an engine displacing less than 1.6-liter to attract a smaller tax bracket.

Suzuki Jimny specifications
Engine 1.5-liter four-cylinder
Horsepower 100 HP
Torque 96 LB-FT
Transmission five-speed manual/four-speed automatic
Top Speed 90 mph (manual)/ 87 mph (auto)

What Are The Other Alternatives?

The 2021 Suzuki Jimny (Maruti Gypsy) Could Be a Mini Hummer
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India doesn’t have a cheap, reliable off-roader, and the 2021 Gypsy fits the bill perfectly. The only option available currently is the Mahindra Thar, which is also due for a 2021 update. It has a loyal fan base, but is too crude to sell in big numbers and urban drivability is also compromised. A three-door model could be a big hit too, provided the company offers stuff like the four-wheel-drive system right from the base trim and makes it ergonomically better-suited for urban commutes and long journeys.

Final Thoughts

The 2021 Suzuki Jimny (Maruti Gypsy) Could Be a Mini Hummer
- image 786031

The news of Jimny making an India debut is exactly like the Ranger Raptor hitting the U.S. shores. There is a market for the same, but the respective automakers are denying the pleasure to the folks and an opportunity to themselves. Currently, India doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to off-roaders. So, there is a big vacuum to be filled and it’s still not too late for Suzuki to launch the SUV here. If Suzuki plays its cards right, which it has been doing well in India barring a few products to date, the Jimny could be a hit.

What are your thoughts on the ‘mini-Hummer’ Jimny? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: Indian Auto

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