Subaru teases "all-new" BRZ, but is it actually a brand-new model?

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The Subaru BRZ has been around for an impressive eight years as of 2020. The Japanese company has released some updates, but for the most part the BRZ carried over unchanged since 2012. But that’s about to change. Subaru just released a teaser for an "all-new" model and announced that it will debut on November 18, 2020. Is this a brand-new model for the 2022 model year or just another facelift?

The teaser provides some details, but it’s not enough

The 2022 Subaru BRZ Zooms Into Our Lives on November 18!
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Subaru’s teaser shows just a bunch of small details, like the wheels and area behind the front wheel arch. But toward the end, we can see a shot of the entire car being driven down a mountain road. But the BRZ is very distant and zooming on it results in a very blurry shot. The only thing we can gather here is that the coupe retains the shape and size of its predecessor, but it’s not clear whether it’s a redesign or an update. A photo on Subaru’s official website show’s a hood that’s very similar to the old BRZ, but a headlamps that looks notably different.

The footage also gives us clues about the engine.

The exhaust note confirms that the BRZ will continue to feature a four-cylinder boxer, while the absence of turbo spool noise suggest it will be naturally aspirated.

Chances are Subaru replaced the old 2.0-liter unit with a newer 2.4-liter engine. The new unit could develop around 217 horsepower, a small increase over the outgoing 205-horsepower BRZ. Yes, fans that were expecting a turbo will be disappointed, but it’s better than no upgrade at all.

Will Toyota follow up with a new 86?

The 2022 Subaru BRZ Zooms Into Our Lives on November 18!
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Toyota is still involved into the project, so a new 86 will follow. The old 86 is pretty much identical to the BRZ inside and out, as well as under the hood. However, Toyota released notably more limited-edition models and variations developed by Gazoo Racing. Chances are Toyota could unveil a more powerful model, but it won’t happen anytime soon. There’s no info as to when Toyota will release the new 86.

When is the Subaru BRZ coming?

The Japanese coupe will break cover on November 18 and will probably go on sale in the first half of 2021. The new BRZ will be sold as a 2022 model in the United States.

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