Czinger doesn’t see itself as a supercar company, but a car company, so what does that mean?

Czinger has created quite a bit of buzz. Its name alone has spawned a lot of interest, and then we got to lay eyes on the 21C hypercar, and things have been flowing uphill ever since. This is despite the fact that the company didn’t get the massive initial debut it expected at the Geneva Motor Show. Despite that small setback, we’re here to tell you that Czinger isn’t a one-hit wonder. In fact, it’s quite the opposite with other new models already “well in development.” How’s that for a twist in a world where supercar and hypercar startups usually fade just as fast as they show up?

What Kind of Cars Will Czinger Build After the 21C?

With the Geneva Motor Show off the grid this year, Czinger was forced to make its first major debut in London at a privately held event. During that event, Autocar caught up with company CCO, Jens Sverdrup – yes, the same guy that once worked for Koenigsegg – and dropped quite the bomb.

When talking about the brand in general, Sverdrup made it very clear that Czinger is a car brand, not a hypercar brand. He even elaborated on what the future holds.

The 21C Is One of Many New Cars from from Czinger and the Next One is Coming Soon Exterior
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”There are other models coming that are well in development, so they will come sooner than you expect… we are a performance brand. The business plan from day one is that [our cars] will be the market leaders. So whatever segment we enter, we will lead in terms of technology, innovation, performance, light-weighting.”

What that quote means leaves a lot to personal interpretation, but there’s one thing that is clear – Czinger isn’t going to build mainstream cars. In fact, Sverdrup made it clear that its cars will always be about high-end luxury and performance. In talking about the future models, he said, “All will have very power-dense drivetrains and extreme performance. But we’re not gonna do a Mustang - it will always be luxury, supercar focused.”

Will Czinger Build a High-Performance SUV?

The 21C Is One of Many New Cars from from Czinger and the Next One is Coming Soon Drivetrain
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Czinger hasn’t completely ruled out an SUV, mainly due to their popularity, but that popularity is also why building one isn’t exactly a priority for the company. Sverdrup admitted that if the company was going to do an SUV that it would be “really light and really fast.” The problem, however, is that the company 3D prints as a major part of its manufacturing process, and the 21C probably won’t start showing up to customers until sometime in 2022 at the earliest. Such a high-volume segment might not be the best for such a new company to step into:

”We’re a very new brand - nobody can tell us not to build an SUV because we don’t have any baggage. But it’s a high volume segment - maybe we’re not ready for that.”
The 21C Is One of Many New Cars from from Czinger and the Next One is Coming Soon Exterior
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That doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, but our money is on Czinger finishing up with the models currently under development – we assume there are at least two more luxury supercars in the works – and maybe then it’ll venture into the SUV market. For now, it seems like the company has enough on its plate.

The Czinger 21C Is One Hell of a First Production Model.

The 21C Is One of Many New Cars from from Czinger and the Next One is Coming Soon Exterior
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Outside of the fact that the 21C is manufactured with a 3d printing technique, it can’t go without saying that the engineers over at Czinger know what they are doing when it comes to generating interest in a vehicle. The 21C is powered by a 2.88-liter V-8 that churns out 950 horsepower, all of which is shunted to the rear wheels via a seven-speed automated manual transmission. That engine revs to an impressive 11,000 rpm, but that’s not even the best part. The front wheels take in torque from a pear of torque-vectoring motors that are fed via a tiny, 2 kWh lithium-titanate battery.

The 21C, when built to track specification, will deliver a total output of 1,174 horsepower, and it should start making its way to customers come late 2021. The fully homologated road-going car will be good for a total output of 1,233 horsepower and will tip the scales at 1,250 kg or 2,755 pounds. The track-spec model will weigh even less. Pricing for the road-going version is around £1.4 million or about $1.8 million depending on the market. Deliveries of the road-going model will start sometime in 2022.

Czinger 21C Specifications
Model Dry weight Curb weight Powertrain Power to weight Downforce Top speed
21C   1183 kg 1250 kg 1233 hp at 10500 rpm 1:00 250 kg + @ 250 kph 432 kph
21C Lightweight track configuration 1151 kg 1218 kg 1233 hp at 10500 rpm 1:03 790 kg + @ 250 kph 380 kph
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