If we swo a Mercedes made ot of diamonds, why not a 24 karat gold Porsche Boxster? Yes, why not? The Golden Porsche has beed presented at a trade show in Munich, Germany. The car was stripped o its pain, given a flat primer, and then gold leaf, (a micro-thin sheet of 24 karat gold, traditionally made by hammering gold between two layers of sheep-skin) was applioed to the entire body of the car and rubbed into place, a process known as "burnishing".

The Gold Porsche, which will be followed by a limited edition, was realized by the creative smithy of VISUALIS last year. The VISUALIS CEOs commissioned an artist to gild a Porsche Boxster in 22 carat beaten gold. Piece by piece, the manual work created a real unicum as never seen before.

From the control elements such as the steering wheel and door knobs to the car body and alloy rim - the two seater is of an inestimable value. This car stands for pure lifestyle-enjoyment and is characterized by its even and fancy curves. The extravagant sportscar is a highlight wherever it shows up.

It not only attracts attention, but also makes the hearts of men and women beat faster. Such a precious piece of sportiness stimulates notions of envy. The status symbol is an eye-catcher and as the first of its kind, the prelude to a limited edition.

Nine further Porsche Models will undergo the same, unique refinement process to continue the creative project. They are not only a dream in gold; they will also represent the glamour and aesthetics of lifestyle with an overwhelming worthiness. Curious people are already anxious to know who are going to be the owners of these magnificent automobiles.

Source: Pricescope

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  (6023) posted on 08.8.2006

nice pic like the car !!!!!! awesome !!!

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