• The $3 Million Lotus Evija Is Already Sold Out for 2020; Major Testing Underway

When it comes to supercars, the Lotus Evija is suppoed to be the “most powerful production car in the world.”

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The Lotus Evija look us back when it was first announced. Not only was it primed to be the world’s most powerful production car, but it was also an all-electric beast that carries a price tag of £2.04 million or $3.11 million at current exchange rates. In a crazy turn of events that usually only happens for brands like Bugatti, Koenigsegg, and Ferrari, Lotus is now reporting that the Evija – which will be buil tin just 130 examples – has been sold out for the 2020 model year. It sounds like a big deal, and it is, but we have no idea of how many Lotus has actually sold.

The Lotus Evija Is Sold Out for 2020, But That’s Probably Not That Many Cars

The $3 Million Lotus Evija Is Already Sold Out for 2020; Major Testing Underway Exterior
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The Lotus Evija is an extreme machine, and it sits among only a handful of cars in the world with power figures that topple the four-figure mark. It’s also, as of the time of this writing, the most powerful with Lotus claiming a total system output of 1,973 horsepower – a figure that bests the 1,888 horsepower Pininfarina Battista and the 1,479 horsepower Rimac C_Two.

A machine this intricate, powerful, and out of the norm for a company like Lotus requires super-special production, and that’s why every single one is being hand-built. The task goes down at Lotus’ refurbished facility in Hethel, Norfolk – the former Lotus Engineering building and home to the Vauxhall Lotus Carlton. 130 Evijas in total will be built there, but given the hand-built nature, you can imagine that a year’s worth of production won’t amount to too many cars actually being produced. So, the fact that the 2020 Evija is sold out might not be as much of a milestone in the grand scheme of things, and there are probably still plenty of build slots open if you’re willing to wait. On the other hand, of course, it’s one hell of a milestone for a company starting fresh in the supercar segment and one that has remained alive by building special edition models of its three-car lineup, the Elise, Exige, and Evora.

The $3 Million Lotus Evija Is Already Sold Out for 2020; Major Testing Underway Exterior
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In an interview with Autocar, Lotus Boss, Phil Popham even fired some shots directed at Pininfarina and Rimac, saying,

”With our new factory ready, we are ahead of the pack in the emerging EV hypercar segment and 100% ready for some healthy competition”

The Lotus Evija is Being Put Through Some Serious Testing

Lotus has its own test track right there in Hethel, and that’s where the video above – showing the Evija testing at speed – is taking place. But, the Evija needs to be a world-conquering car, and it has some stiff competition from companies that have been in the supercar segment for quite some time. Gaven Kershaw, Director of Vehicle Attributes at Lotus, spoke to the importance of prototype testing.

”Physical prototype testing at speed is a landmark moment for the Evija and hugely exciting for everyone involved. Our aim is to make sure it’s a true Lotus in every sense, with exceptional performance that’s going to set new standards in the hypercar sector.”

With the Evija set to take one some serious heavy hitters, Lotus needs to branch out from its home track, and it’s planning to do exactly that. Soon, the Evija prototypes will be circulated all around Europe to other demanding circuits, and it will even be put through public road testing as well. The good news is that we may end up gettings some really good spy shots of the prototype as it moves closer to its production form:

The $3 Million Lotus Evija Is Already Sold Out for 2020; Major Testing Underway Exterior
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”Over the coming months several prototypes will cover many thousands of miles and hundreds of hours of driving assessment, including on public roads.”

There is still a lot to iron out, though, if Lotus is going to deliver for the 2020 model year, as the Evija’s target specifications are nothing to sneeze at. It needs to be all-wheel drive, deliver 1,254 pound-feet of torque with torque vectoring to all four wheels, top 62 mph in less than three seconds, and run up to 186 mph in less than nine seconds. Its top speed must be in excess of 200 mph. If you have the type of cheddar that affords you the please of owning a model like this, you can get your hands on a build slot by putting down a £250,000 (about $325,000) deposit but, under the ownership of Geely, you can at least sign the check knowing that the car will probably be produced and delivered as expected.

If you want to learn more about the Lotus Evija, check out our full, in-depth review:

2020 Lotus Evija

Source: Autocar

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