Looks like assembly is still one of Tesla’s weak spots

Back in May 2018, Tesla was looking for auto technicians to work on repairing vehicles that just came off the production line in Tesla’s Fremont plant. Two years later, the company still can’t get car assembly right, not even on a $70,000 Model Y. So, should Tesla still claim that it makes premium automobiles?

Why repair a car that just left the production line?

The obvious answer is: because your assembly process isn’t properly optimized. As we were saying, Tesla was looking for people to do “rework/repairs on vehicles either going through the production line or coming off the production line” and work on “a wide variety of issues/corrective actions identified in production, testing and inspection.”

Now, you’d think Tesla took the necessary measures to fix the situation and start delivering well-built vehicles to owners that are willing to pay rather hefty price tags to own one (or more) of the company’s EV.

As it turns out, Tesla is still struggling when it comes to build quality,

as one YouTuber found on via his brand-new Tesla Model Y.

Just how badly built is a Tesla Model Y?

The $70,000 Tesla Model Y Has a Lot of Build Quality Issues
- image 897519

Car Confections uses a 2020 Tesla Model Y borrowed from a friend to make his point. The car is in fact an early build (so Tesla might have remedied the situation since), but that doesn’t erase the frustration of paying a bucketload of money on a car that’s trumpeted as premium and get lots of quality issues in return.

For example, the hood is not properly aligned with the front bumper and there’s actually a finger-wide gap between the two.

The same goes for the door window trim and the rear wheel arch plastic fenders. In addition, moisture builds up in the taillights (an issue that plagues the Tesla Model 3 as well) and the tailgate gets stuck once you open it and actually snaps before it continues to open.

The $70,000 Tesla Model Y Has a Lot of Build Quality Issues
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Moving on to the interior, the auto-folding system for the rear seats works just for the left-hand-side seat, so the owner has to push down the right seat the old school way - which is by hand.

Now, that’s just some of the flaws the YouTube was able to spot. The rest of them are presented along the line in the video below, so here’s a list to get you started:

  • rear seat flattens a panel that is not properly attached
  • inside of the door trim is poorly aligned
  • seat releases are not working
  • wheel trim moldings are badly mounted
  • hood gaps (up to the width of a finger)
  • badly positioned window trim
  • uneven panel gaps
  • taillight condensation
The $70,000 Tesla Model Y Has a Lot of Build Quality Issues
- image 897522

That said, we don’t believe that this sort of mishaps are acceptable on any sort of vehicle, let alone one that’s described as premium. What’s your take on the matter?

Tesla Model Y specifications
Long Range Performance
0-60 mph 4.8 seconds 3.5 seconds
Range Per Charge 316 miles 315 miles
Top Speed 135 mph 145 mph
Drivetrain Dual motor setup and all-wheel-drive Dual motor setup and all-wheel-drive
Price $52,990 $60,990
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