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We can safely say that each and every Gymkhana car used so far in the installment was downright bonkers. No exception. However, as Ken Block traded places with Travis Pastrana for Gymkhana 2020, Subaru responded by dialing up the WRX STI to eleven… thousand.

The 862-Horsepower Subaru WRX STI From Gymkhana Was a Masterpiece of Modern Engineering
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In developing and building the car, Subaru Motorsports USA joined forces with Vermont Sportscar. The result is a rad ride that has its exhaust coming out of the hood, featuring a shorter wheelbase and a wider track than the stock car.

Add active aerodynamics on the menu as well, especially of the downforce-inducing variety, because the driver needs the utmost control during those powerslides through tight spaces.

The 862-Horsepower Subaru WRX STI From Gymkhana Was a Masterpiece of Modern Engineering
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And let’s not forget about the center piece, a 2.3-liter boxer engine that used to displace two liters. Attached to it is a big ass turbocharger that unlocks no less than 862 horsepower. And as straightforward and easy it might sound, developing such a car wasn’t a walk in the park. The fact that Subaru had to ask for help tells just a chapter of the story. Every stunt had to be rehearsed and discussed as it needed the car to be set up in a certain way.

With that in mind, don’t be surprised that Subaru had to drop two comprehensive 30-minute videos that look at what was like to develop the latest Gymkhana monster.

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