• The Acura Integra Was Benchmarked Against Some Unlikely Competitors

The 2023 Acura Integra is hell-bent on going premium, as confired by a recent Q&A session with Lead Product Planner

The Acura Integra was one of the most anticipated nameplates and after 22 years, it made a comeback for the 2023 model year. While the five-door liftback body style is still a divisive subject, a Q&A session with Lead Product Planner, Jonathon Rivers, in the forum Integra Talk, revealed previously unknown details about the development of the new Aura Integra. Acura’s recent work has made it clear that it wants to be a performance luxury brand. As such, the 2023 Integra was benchmarked against some rather unlikely competitors.

The Acura Integra Was Benchmarked Against Some Unlikely Competitors
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While many wished the new Integra was a front-wheel-drive coupe, inspired by the original, it turns out it could have been much worse. Jonathon Rivers disclosed that selling the Integra as a five-door liftback was touchy in a market saturated by crossovers and SUVs. “Most of us knew that it was the right move for the brand, but it still took a lot of PowerPoints and heated discussions,” Rivers said.

While the Mazda 3 seems like the most logical choice for comparison with the new Integra, Johnathon Rivers also revealed that “In terms of driving dynamics, we focused directly on the premium compact sedans in this segment, namely Audi A3, Mercedes CLA and A220, and BMW 228i Gran Coupe”. While not the most obvious choice, it only makes sense, given Acura’s strife to become a worthy premium alternative to the German trio.

The Acura Integra Was Benchmarked Against Some Unlikely Competitors
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The Acura Integra has only just entered the market, and as such, there is still plenty of speculation about future versions of the model. One forum member asked Rivers whether there will be a base version of the Integra with a manual transmission. For now, the six-speed manual is offered only on the range-topping A-Spec with the Technology package, which brings the price up to $35,800. The decision to include the manual option for the top trim came from customer feedback. As for a base, manual version of the Integra, there won’t be one, at least for now.

The Acura Integra Was Benchmarked Against Some Unlikely Competitors
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Speculation about an all-wheel-drive, hybrid version of the Acura Integra was also put to rest by Rivers. That information was erroneously leaked by a dealer, just before Integra’s arrival in showrooms. Even before the official unveiling of the model, there was speculation about the engine options for the Integra. Of course, many wonder whether there will be a high-performance Type-S or Type-R variant, to which Rivers refrained from comment, indicating that something may be in the works.

Source: Integra Talk

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