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The Alpha Motors Superwolf Electric Pickup Just Created A New Niche

The Alpha Superwolf might be the first pickup Truck built with serious electric off-roading in mind

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The notion of an EV pick-up truck may be disturbing for some, but that doesn’t deter car companies from churning out such vehicles. The Ford F150 Lightning, GMC Hummer, Rivian R1T, and Tesla Cybertruck, are only a few of the upcoming propositions. There is, however, another company that seems to be hell-bent on giving us a full EV lineup. Alpha Motors brings a fresh alternative to the EV pickup truck niche. After their Wolf (single cab) and Wolf + (crew cab), we now have the Alpha Superwolf – a crew cab version with proper full-size doors. But that’s not all the Superwolf brings to the table.

Alpha Motors Superwolf - The First Electric Truck to Take Real Off-Roading Seriously

The Alpha Motors Superwolf Electric Pickup Just Created A New Niche Exterior
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It seems the Alpha Superwolf aims to be the brand’s top-of-the-line EV pickup truck. It features, by far, the most spacious and usable interior of all the Wolf models. The Superwolf promises to be the most versatile of all. This is thanks to the company’s partnerships with Rigid Industries, KMC, Heimplanet, Mountain Top, and others.

The front bumper features an array of 6.0 and 10.0-inch E-Series PRO lights, while an impressive line of Radiance Pod XL 4.0-inch lights has been mounted at roof rack’s front section.

On it, you will also notice the robust transport crate, courtesy of Heimplanet. The company has also partnered with Alpha to develop the Wolf+ Cloudbreak camping tent.

The Alpha Motors Superwolf Electric Pickup Just Created A New Niche Exterior
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It adds full-size doors, which can still be replaced by open half-doors.

From KMC come the KM545 Trek wheels, specifically built to withstand driving in harsh environments, while Mountain Top has provided the retractable bed cover. In addition, the full-size doors can be replaced with safari-style open half doors.

Interior-wise the Superwolf is advertised as a proper four-seater, although there’s also a center headrest in the rear. There are plenty of options for connectivity, thanks to various charging ports, while the audio speakers are removable.

The Alpha Motors Superwolf Electric Pickup Just Created A New Niche Exterior
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And with a $48,000 stating price, it will certainly be one of the more affordable EV propositions.

At this point, we only know some of the Superwolf’s performance figures. It will feature twin-electric motors and all-wheel drive.

It can be had with either a 75 or 85 kWh battery, which allows for 275 to 300 miles (443 to 483 km) of range.

Towing capacity is quite decent too, at 6,724 pounds (3,050 kg). The truck bed also allows for 40 cubic feet (1,332 liters) of cargo capacity, without the extension hitch. At the same time, the 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) sprint happens in 6.5 seconds.

Alpha Motors Superwolf specifications
Powertrain Twin electric motors
Battery 75/85 kWh
Range 275-300 miles
Towing capacity 6,724 pounds (3,050 kg)
Cargo capacity 40 cubic feet (1,332 liters)
0 to 60 mph 6.5 seconds
The Alpha Motors Superwolf Electric Pickup Just Created A New Niche Exterior
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For the first time Alpha Motors has mentioned pricing. In the case of the Alpha Sueprwolf, you can expect a starting price of around $48,000, or $56,000 for the larger battery pack. In addition, we don’t know yet whether all accessories we mentioned earlier come with the pickup truck as standard or not. Regardless, if these figures are anything to go by, the Alpha Superwolf will be one of the most affordable EV pickup trucks to come out on sale, and it’s definitely the first to take off-roading seriously.

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