After revealing the Aston Martin Lagonda SUV at the Geneva Motor Show, the English coachbuilders announced that a production version was not too far off. However we have some bad news for enthusiasts that were looking forward to riding around in spacious style, due to the current economic situation Aston is hesitant to take a gamble with an all new segment of vehicles, so the Lagonda has been put on hold, indefinitely. Due to the cancellation of the high performance SUV, it will be replaced by a new exotic super car that will go into production as soon as possible.

In an interview with Edmunds: Inside Line, Aston Martin Lagonda boss Ulrich Bez said: "We have several sources ready to invest upward of a quarter-billion pounds, but the timing right now is simply wrong. We have some work to do yet, and it takes a lot of investment."

Looking for similar results as the German sports car builder Porsche did with their highly popular high performance Cayenne, "Our intention with Lagonda," says Bez, "is to produce as much volume as we see today from Aston Martin. So essentially, doubling our volumes once up and running." So as soon as the English automaker gets their ducks in a row, you can expect to see as many Lagondas as the coach builder can assemble and ship out to retailers glistening through showroom windows around the world.


Source: Inside Line

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