Future Audi A4s — and A5s — will no longer get the manual tranny

Audi is dusting off the Ultrasport name and bringing it back one last time to coincide with the end of manual-transmission versions of the A4. The famous designation will return as part of the Audi A4 Ultrasport, a limited run of 40 units that will include three pedals, a stick, and a lot of extra goodies. No timetable has been given, but all 40 units of the A4 Ultrasport will be sold exclusively in the U.S.

The Audi A4 Ultrasport to Return as a Very Limited Last Stand for the Manual Transmission Exterior
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The Audi A4 Ultrasport is a special edition A4. It’s billed as a proper send-off for an A4 option, using a name that we haven’t seen since it appeared during the B6 generation (2000 to 2006) of Audi’s compact luxury sedan. It’s been more than ten years since the Ultrasport designation was used, and it’s fitting that Audi’s bringing it back to life one more time for a send-off model.

So what makes the Audi A4 Ultrasport special other than the fact that it’s fitted with a manual transmission? Well, it will feature a number of extra goodies from the RS- and S-Line catalogs to go with the stick.

Each of the 40 units, for example, are available in a Quantum Gray paint finish.

It’s the same color that’s only offered on the S-Line version of the A4, at least until now.

The Audi A4 Ultrasport to Return as a Very Limited Last Stand for the Manual Transmission Interior
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The A4 Ultrasport also comes with carbon inlays from the RS 4 Avant and a set of 19-inch wheels from the Audi S4. The sedan’s interior features a flat-bottom steering wheel, and lots of leather and Alcantara, all coming from the S-Line, as well. On the performance front, the A4 Ultrasport gets dynamic steering with variable ratios from the S4 and a sport adaptive damping suspension with a lowered ride height.

All 40 units of the A4 Ultrasport will also receive Audi’s Premium Plus specification.

The package includes advanced key, SiriusXM, driver memory, front/rear parking sensors, Bang & Olufsen 3D sound, LED headlights, Audi side assist, power folding/auto-dimming side mirrors, and Audi virtual cockpit/navigation.

There’s no mention on which version of the A4 the Ultrasport package will be available in. According to Audi Club North America, the Ultrasport package will tack on an extra $6,800 to the cost of the A4, which is priced from $37,300 to around $50,000.

The Audi A4 Ultrasport to Return as a Very Limited Last Stand for the Manual Transmission Exterior
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The package may not mean much to some people, but for those who have lived by the manual transmission Audi A4, it’s the best send off you can get. It’s not going to change the impending departure of the manual transmission option, but it’s at least a proper last hurrah before Audi’s compact luxury sedan goes full automatic in the transmission department.

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Source: Audi Club of America

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