After two full days of covering all the corners of the Frankfurt Motor Show, our eyes are in need of a break from all the production debuts, supercar introductions, and concept unveilings.

So we’re turning our attention towards another pretty important element of the world’s biggest auto show, one that doesn’t involve sliding doors, carbon fiber, and V12 engines. No auto show, no matter how big or small, isn’t complete without the alluring presence of beautiful models standing beside their auto presentations.

We won’t lie; we’ve found ourselves more attracted to the models than to the cars they’re presenting on some occasions. So as a tribute to those sparkling eyes, beautiful smiles, and heart-pounding bodies, we’ve compiled a photo gallery of some of the most beautiful women at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

If you happen to be around during the festivities, you might recognize some of these faces. But whether or not you’ve seen them before, these photos are definitely worth more than just one look.

Enjoy, fellas!


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  (1333) posted on 08.30.2012

What the?! Frankfurt motor show had been invaded by these hot girls! If I were to choose one of them, man I’m sure I’ll be having a hard time!

  (459) posted on 01.9.2012

Who would forget the beautiful faces of these women? That is why I really want to join events like this, watch an Auto Show like this, because of this gorgeous ladies.

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