Better pay those tickets

Everyone knows that one guy that has a handful of unpaid parking tickets (and probably a suspended license too) and, if you live in a big city, you’ve undoubtedly see someone’s car with one of those big, ugly yellow wheel boots attached to it. The wheel boot may be retiring altogether soon, as the Barnacle promises to be an easier and more efficient alternative to those barbaric wheel locking systems.

In the fairly funny video you’re about to see, Barnacle Parking’s spokesman explains how the new system works, why it’s better, and why you don’t want to play around if you find one on your windshield. It’s pretty simple really, a couple of industrial sized suction cups hold the monstrous plastic device to your windshield. But, it can easily be removed by simply paying your parking fine and inputting a simple code. Of course, it then becomes your responsibility to return it. And, if you think it would be a great idea to throw it of the San Francisco bridge at high speed, don’t – it’s not only logged as being left on your vehicle, but it also has a GPS tracker. To put it simply, a move like that means you’re going to have more to worry about than a parking fine.

The best part about the Barnacle, however isn’t its function, but the funny video that accompanies it prior to its official release. Go ahead and click play and check it out for yourself.

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