• The Best Of – Our Favorite ‘Back To The Future’ Tributes

Now that the dust has settled on October 21, 2015, we can take a look at all the fun stuff that took place on “Back To The Future Day.” Well, fun stuff that has an automotive spin, of course.

The otherwise normal Wednesday was celebrated with tremendous glee thanks to the date’s significance in the Back To The Future film trilogy, specifically Part Two. Folks far and wide threw parties, dressed up like Marty and Doc Brown, and speculated whether the Cubs actually would win the World Series.

Major corporations even joined the fun. Pepsi launched a commercial that included its futuristic cola container, Lexus created a hoverboard, and USA Today wrapped its Oct. 21 newspapers with a fake front page that mimics that seen in the movie.

But that’s not the entire list. We’ve compiled our favorite five Back To The Future tributes plus a little something extra to celebrate the fun. I guess that means we’re commemorating the commemorating. Or something like that…

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Toyota Tacoma - BTTF Edition

The Best Of – Our Favorite ‘Back To The Future' Tributes High Resolution Exterior
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Marty McFly has unquestionably good taste in cars. Case in point: he spotted that beautiful 1985 Toyota Pickup riding atop the flatbed truck and branded with an advertisement from Statler Toyota. Well, Toyota recreated this truck using its all-new 2016 Tacoma pickup and several custom parts fabbed up to help the new truck pay homage to its predecessor. Toyota actually made a few example of the truck and will likely put them on display around the country.

Marty & Doc on Jimmy Kimmel

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel celebrated October 21, 2015 by having both Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox on his show. But they didn’t just come to talk – no, they arrived in character via the DeLorean time machine! The comedic banter that follows is hilarious and worth the 10 minutes of video play time.

Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoes

The Best Of – Our Favorite ‘Back To The Future' Tributes
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What would the future be like without self-lacing sneakers? Yep, Nike joined the fun by creating a very limited supply of self-lacing shoes it calls the Mag. Not only do they self-tighten around the wearers foot, they light up just like Marty McFly’s kicks in the movie. Nike is auctioning off the shoes to benefit Michael J Fox’s Parkinson Disease Foundation that is working to find a cure. Of course, Fox gets to keep his pair for posterity.
Screenshot of video on ABC News

Ford offering Flux Capacitor Option

Jumping on the bandwagon, Ford advertised its Flux Capacitor option available on many of its products in this commercial. The automaker took the joke further, listing the Flux capacitor as an option on its “Build & Price” section on its website. The cost? A cool $1.21 million – a reference to the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity the device needed to induce time travel. Here’s the Flux Capacitor option as part of the “Time Travel Package” on the new 2016 Ford Focus RS.

The Best Of – Our Favorite ‘Back To The Future' Tributes
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The Best Of – Our Favorite ‘Back To The Future' Tributes
- image 653645

Toyota’s BTTF-Style Introduction for the Miria

Toyota arguably rode the BTTF wave the best, promoting both its Tacoma pickup and all-new Miria hydrogen fuel cell car in a cross-promotional campaign that even started Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. The Miria might not compete with a DeLorean DMC-12 on looks alone, but the new Toyota is actually able to turn trash into fuel. Well, not nearly as simply as the time machine’s Mr. Fusion device. Still, the future is now.

Jaws 19 Trailer

Ok, so it’s not automotive related, but it doesn’t get funnier than this. Universal Pictures actually created a fake movie trailer for Jaws 19. The best aspect is the explanation of every Jaws movie that leads up to number 19.

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