They say no laws were broken but we honestly wouldn’t care if they were – it’s that awesome

There’s a small, Russian, Youtube channel known only as Владислав Чекунов that has managed to amass more than 8 million views from a trio of videos, now effectively known as the Need for Speed in Real Life series. That first two videos in that series were pretty good, but the newest video – which was posted just 15 hours ago – is downright awesome. It has everything from the initial menu, to the career mode selection, to the race selection. Our car of choice in this video is the BMW M3 in classic NFS styling, and for the first race, it goes up against a Toyota Supra and Porsche Cayman in the typical sprint drag race in Saint Petersburg Russia.

Once that short, 1.7-km (1.05 mile) race was complete; we continue on in a drive around the city, eventually being forced to outrun the police. Later on, we join another race, this time on Krestovsky Island. Here, we’ll meet a Volkswagen Golf GTi, a Ford Mustang GT, and a Lancer Evolution VIII. The people responsible for the videos say that no laws were broken, and the speeds do appear to be legal. With that in mind, we really need to give credit to the producers – the effects, in general, are pretty amazing.

We’ve posted the newest episode of Need for Speed in Real Life, but we’ve also added the first to episodes below that for your viewing pleasure. We promise it’s not a bad way to spend about 15 minutes!

Need for Speed in Real Life Part III

Need for Speed in Real Life Part II

Need for Speed in Real Life Part I

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