It turned out to be a pretty mild year

With so many cars running up that awesome Hillclimb at the Goodwood Estate, one would expect to see a number of epic crashes. Well, not so much this year, but out of 8 or nine crashes, I have singled out 5 of the most amazing. We are lucky to have such a fantastically organized event where drivers can unwind their wheels and actually enjoy themselves.

Not crashing is actually a big thing here as a majority of the cars are, basically priceless. Imagine crashing a Rally Repsol Ford Escort from before. Or the Pre-war Silver-Arrow. This goes to show all the commitment and risks the drivers are prepared to take to be the best at Goodwood.

After all, we can see all the racers hitting the apexes and definitely following the famed words of Mario Andretti - "If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough."

The Ford RS200 Pikes Peak Lost All Of Its Bodywork And Crashed

One of the most astounding crashes of the whole weekend was not an actual crash, but the aerodynamic failure of the Ford RS200. This is a unique opportunity to see how the aerodynamics on a car actually contribute. Just after passing under the first bridge at the Hillclimb, the massive roof intake on the Ford RS200 separated a bit too much from the bodywork thus letting too much fast air under the rear hatch ripping it off the Group B rally car. Just after losing the important piece of bodywork, professional rallycross driver Liam Doran lost all of the back downforce and simply spun out hitting the bales by the side of the road.

Watch carefully and you may even see a fire starting at the back of the car. Quite unfortunate as this RS200 is actually one of the most astounding machines ever produced by Ford.

This particular one has a 2.4-liter engine tuned up to incredible 925 horsepower and 700 pound-feet of torque. That’s a lot of power for such a small car. For a reason - this one has been created to take on the Pikes Peak hill climb. I know the numbers aren’t important, but it seems incredible that this thing can do 62 mph in 1.7 seconds. Remember, only on special race tires. No road-legal tire can enable a car to hit such incredible acceleration values.

Nevertheless, although the car sustained some major damage, Doran left the accident uninjured.

Unique Lister-Jaguar Monzanapolis Crash

You may be surprised to hear this, but the Lister-Jaguar Monzanapolis is probably the rarest car at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed. And, it crashed.

Built for the rather cool Race of Two Worlds for 1957 and 1958, the Lister-Jaguar car had a D-Type, dry-sump, 3.8-liter engine, a Lister chassis, and a bespoke body reminiscent of the Indy cars of the era. Some even called it an English Indy racer. It did really bad at the Race of Two Worlds event - a race gathering for American and European race cars to compare them and evaluate where the racing tech had come from after WWII. Finishing last, the Lister-Jaguar wasn’t particularly sought after, but it had a few impressive features classic car collectors have to cherish. It is fast, a blast to drive, and rather good looking. Then, it is basically a unique car.

After the restoration in 2004, which brought it back to its Race of Two Worlds configuration, the Lister-Jaguar visited a number of tracks and events, now, unfortunately having to visit the repair shop once again.

The crash itself does not seem to be a huge one. After spinning out, the Monzanapolis hit the bale with its right front quarter and sustained some body damage. The driver Rod Jolley actually drove away and one can only hope that the car will be mended easily.

Terry Grant Driving A Range Rover On Edge For Real, then Crashing It, Sort Of

We already wrote about Terry Grant who actually set a new Guinness world record for the fastest one-mile pass on two wheels with a car. He did it with the Range Rover SVR, but before the actual record-breaking run, he drove the car four times without success, and this run I am embedding here is the one where his Range Rover lost balance on two wheels and actually leaned on the hay bales at the Goodwood Hillclimb. With a bit of help from the officials and the staff, Grant managed to turn his Range Rover SVR on four wheels again. It seems that the Range Rover SVR didn’t sustain any damage. After all, Grant used it again to set the record for the fastest two-wheeled mile.

Grant got the car on two wheels using a ramp, and from there on he focused on keeping it on two wheels for as long as needed. As this is actually a hill-climb with a lot of right and left-handers, as well as steep inclines, his job was that much more difficult compared with driving the car on a straight leveled road.

Bill Goldberg’s NASCAR Toyota Tundra Ends Up In Bales Of Hay

WWE star Bill Goldberg is a proper car nut. Not only does he have a number of awesome cars, but he likes to race them as well. Appearing at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with the NASCAR spec Toyota Tundra, Bill Goldberg was resolute to make good time and push that car to its absolute limit. Unfortunately, the specially prepared truck understeered in one of the corners and hit the hay bales. It is a bit sad to see Goldberg driving almost to the end of the track and crashing one second away from the last curve.

The car does not seem to have suffered any major damage. Although, the hay bales did stop it quite fast. With a few helping hands, Goldberg managed to straighten up his car and drive up the hill.

Epic Save of the Record Breaking Volkswagen I.D. R By Romain Dumas

Thanks to the cat-like reflexes of Romain Dumas, the probably priceless, and record-breaking Volkswagen I.D.R didn’t become a pile of junk at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed. After skimming to the grass at the start of one of his practice runs, Romain Dumas used all his wit to keep the car running on the grass and avoid hitting the bales of hay (or something harder). Although off-roading for quite some bit, it seems that the I.D. R did not sustain any major damage, as, later on, it tackled the challenge during the shootout where it cloaked the time of 43.86 seconds up the FOS Hill Climb. Previously, Dumas managed to drive up the FOS Hill Climb in 43.05 seconds which was the fastest run for the Volkswagen I.D. R. Nevertheless, with its fast shootout run, the Pikes Peak all-time record holder - the I.D. R, took the scalp of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and became the fastest electric car at the hill ever at the same time.

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